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  1. Quote: This can be disabled in Special > Preferences > Notifications > Alerts > Check validity of next script. If a modal dialog box is asking for user intervention before an operation can be completed (in this case Quitting) the next operation will not be able to run. Thanks for replying, Amy. I think you misunderstand my point. I don't want to disable the script checking. I *want* to check to make sure that the media is ready for backup that night. I am saying that having this "Quit/Don't Quit" modal dialogue appear after Retrospect checks the media is a design flaw, a bug. There is no information that Retrospect lacks that should interrupt execution of the script. The modal dialgoue "Quit/Don't Quit" after checking a script and media should be replaced with another message that does not interrupt execution. It's frustrating and counter-intuitive to see a window that says "Media ready" and then come back the next day to see that they script did not run. What happened? Was the media not ready? No, I just neeeded to hit "Quit" or "Don't Quit." Why should it matter whether the retrospect window is open or not when the script begins execution? I understand that there are cases when the program requires user input before it can execute a script, but this does not seem to be one of them. I still have a few questions: - Does this behavior persist in version 5.6 or 6.x? (I.E. is it worth an upgrade?) - I haven't found any bug report page on the website. Is there a place where I can report this as a bug? My bug report is this: Bug: The modal dialgoue "Quit/Don't Quit" that appears after retrospect successfully reports that media is ready stops execution of the script until the user clears the window. (Unexpected behavior) Suggestion solution: The 'success' modal dialgoue "Quit/Don't Quit" that appears after checking a script and media should be replaced with another message that does not interrupt execution of the script. Only a failure of the check should cause a modal dialogue. Steve Lefevre
  2. Hey folks- Using Dantz retrospect version 5.15 on Win2k Advanced Server. We have a tape for each day of the week. Every day, when I take out the old tape, and put in the new tape, and close the window, I run the check to see if the media is ready. When Retrospect has finished reading the tape, it pops up a little window saying "Media for script XXX is ready". There is a 'Quit' and 'Don't Quit' button to clear it, and exit the program. Most of the time, I hit 'Quit', and life is good. HOWEVER - If I forget to hit the 'Quit' button, this actually *prevents the script from running*! When I come in the next day, the window is still sitting there, waiting for me to press 'Quit', and *then* the script starts execution. I view this as a serious bug. The script should run at the scheduled time, regardless of 'Quit/Don't Quit' screen. Retrospect even says the media is ready, for crying out loud! Needless to say, I'm frustrated by this because we recently lost a day's work. I couldn't find any option to disable this. I didn't find any update for retrospect version 5.15 on the website. I got no results for a search on this problem in the forum. Is there any plan to make a patch to fix this? Does this problem exist in 5.6 or 6.0?
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    30GB tape full after 18 GB

    Forgot to say - I checked the log, and no error message. But examining the volumes (or whatever they're called), it says it's full at 13.8 GB (which I believe is the actual capacity for a 15GB tape?), and requires another member to complete the backup. So what's the deal? The label on the tape clearly says 30GB. The drive we have can handle 30GB tapes. We have some 10 30GB tapes. I would doubt that they are all mislabeled and are actually 15GBs.
  4. Having a problem with Retrospect 5.15 on Win2k Advanced server. For more than 2.5 years it's been chugging along nicely. However, this past week, it crapped out on us. We have two hard drives, C and H, each a 9 GB SCSI drive (18 GB total). Our script is setup to back up on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Week1 - Week4 Fri, Even month, and Odd Month. We have a seperate tape for each day listed above. Worked okay until the past week. Last week retrospect started ejecting the tape and asking for a second tape, e.g. 2Wed on Wednesday. It thinks the first tape is filled after backing up the C and some of H. We are using Onstream 30 GB cartridges from ADR. The tape drive is an Onstream from ADR, not sure of the exact model. I am certain, however, that it's specs show it can use a 30 GB tape. I've gone so far as to erase and rebuild both the script and the backup volumes. Same thing. There was even a place to estimate the size of the tape, where I entered "3000" (MB). Use hardware compression is checked. What is the problem? Retrospect seems to think this is like a 15 GB tape. I know that it can't 'read' the tape and find out how big it is. Can it really be running out of space? The disks are not full, but they are over 15 GB. Please help! Steve Lefevre slefevre@i-m-i-international.com