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    No disc storage devices found

    Wow... keeps getting better. I called back, got through entitlement to tech support, and talked to Keith D. He'd never heard of the issue before either. I gave him the knowledge base ID, and he looked it up, checked around, and sent me the FTP URL. Unfortunately, like those before me, all I got was the 224K "setup.exe" file. I went to the site with a proper FTP client, and there is no "7.0.328.zip" file as mentioned above. There's a 7.0.328 *directory*, which contained the setup.exe link, and which I'm downloading the rest of right now... there, now I have all my devices back! So, happy ending, but really, really sloppy handling. If I hadn't had equally bad luck with Veritas (and far worse with new owners Symantec), I doubt I'd be continuing with the trial. Does EMC/Dantz really want the motto of "We're no worse than the competition"? C'mon, guys.. there's room for a backup solution that works and works well, and Retrospect is well-positioned - other than the support.
  2. Jay_Levitt

    No disc storage devices found

    I'm a brand new user, trying Retrospect after years of frustrations with BackupExec. I'd tried Retrospect three years ago, but after I found that it crashed upon seeing any USB flash drives (even if I didn't back up to them), I ran the other way. Imagine my surprise when I installed the 7.0 trial and found that it once again had trouble with my devices - this time, the existence of an nVIDIA RAID array threw it off balance. I searched the knowledge base, but found nothing, due to a search bug I've reported to the webmasters - search for "tape found" and you'll see the article, but search for "tape devices found" and you won't. Then I searched the forums, found this thread about KB #8152 - Saturday morning, of course. Today, Monday, I called tech support, who transferred me to trial support. Of course, the trial support guy, John, could do nothing but IM with his buddy in tech support about it, but sadly, his buddy didn't seem to be aware of the problem, even after John pointed him to the knowledge base article. He was telling me things like "Install the driver update", and "Download the latest drivers from nvidia.com"; even John was getting a little frustrated. Finally, John just opened me a service request, and gave me some advice: "If they can't help you with it, just keep asking to talk to someone else who can." I've now been on hold for 20 minutes, interrupted every minute by the "your call is important" announcement (which is a poor way to configure an on-hold system, as it repeatedly interrupts the listener with useless information; that's what music on hold is FOR.) This is not a good out-of-box experience.
  3. I have a CAD program in D:\Program Files\ART\Chief70. I want to back up the main Chief70 folder, since this is where the software stores its preferences; I do not want to back up any of its subfolders, because they contain huge graphics files that can be easily reinstalled from CD. I have created a selector called "Too Big To Back Up", which I will include (as an exclusion rule) in another selector. In this selector, I added a rule: name of folder matches pattern D:\Program Files\ART\Chief70\?*, selecting all enclosed items However, this does not match the subfolders. If I leave off the question mark, it of course selects the main Chief70 folder as well. It seems to me that the rule above should match any folder with at least one character in its name; what am I doing wrong?
  4. In reply to: Backup Sets: 4 - (Weekly 1, Weekly 2, Weekly 3, Weekly 4) Schedule: 4 - Repeating Interval schedules (1) Every 2nd Saturday of the month recycle backup to Weekly 1 (2) Every 3rd Saturday of the month recycle backup to Weekly 2 and so on for all 4 sets. Problem: Retrospect doesn't let me set a backup to the 5th Saturday of the month, only to the last Saturday of the month. That means that for months with only four Saturdays, it's going to try to do the backup twice - once for Weekly 3 (set to the fourth Saturday) and once for Weekly 4 (set to the last Saturday). Is there a workaround? Can this be escalated as a bug/suggestion? In reply to: Configure > Preferences > Media Handling. Eject tapes on quit. In my case, though, I don't want to eject on every backup, just on the last daily backup. It seems like there's no way to control this on a per-script basis, even manually?
  5. I'm switching from Veritas BackupExec 8.6 to Retrospect Multi-Server. Here is my current BackupExec strategy, backing up to tape: - Differential backups Sunday through Friday morning. I actually have two different backup jobs to do this; they are identical except that the job that runs Tuesday and Friday morning also ejects the tape after it runs. Tuesday, this lets me insert a new tape for Wednesday since the first tape always fills; Friday, this gets things ready for Saturday's full backup. - Full backup every Saturday morning. This is accomplished by three different jobs: 1. All but the first Saturday of the month, back up to a "Weekly [1-4]" tape. There are four tapes, since no month has more than five Saturdays. These tapes are recycled once a month. 2. The first Saturday of every quarter, back up to a brand new tape that is never recycled. 3. The first Saturday of every other month, back up to a "Monthly [Jan - Dec]" tape that is recycled once a year. How can I duplicate this scheme in Retrospect, or is there a reason I don't want to? I want a minimum of manual tape naming and formatting, and I'm not really clear how this translates to Backup Sets. Also, can I somehow script tape ejects as I can in Backup Exec? I don't see a way in the manual. My tape drive takes a while to "prepare" an eject, and it's tedious.
  6. Jay_Levitt

    6.0 trial causes XP BSOD in ASPI32.SYS

    Whoops - I misunderstood.. I assumed this was some keyboard shortcut in Preferences, so I pressed CTRL-ALT-P (nothing) and P (still nothing). CTRL-ALT-P-P brings up the Sooper-Sekrit Preferences, and when I enable NT passthrough, Retrospect no longer hangs or crashes. Yay. Seems like there might be some incompatibility with ASPI 4.72, at least with my drive (Seagate Scorpion DDS-4 06240 internal SCSI). It only happens when there is a tape in the drive (either used or blank); the device status just stays at "busy" forever, eventually leading to the previously-mentioned BSOD, either a DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS in ASPI32.SYS, or a DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in SYM_U3.SYS (the Symbios/LSI Logic host adapter driver that comes with XP). I cannot quit Retrospect manually, and if I force-quit it from the Applications tab of the Task Manager, the Retrospect.exe process sticks around forever in the Processes tab. I guess as long as there's a workaround I'm ok, but it does make me somewhat nervous... I disabled all my startup apps, uninstalled Backup Exec Open File Option, disabled the Veritas tape driver, installed the Retrospect driver update (3.4.106), all to no avail.
  7. Jay_Levitt

    6.0 trial causes XP BSOD in ASPI32.SYS

    There appears to be no such "SCSI Passthrough" Execution preference on 6.0. (Nor is there a "Retrospect Directory", nor does CTRL-ALT-P-P do anything.)
  8. On my Windows XP SP1 system, I can reliably cause a BSOD by doing the following: - Launch the trial Retrospect Professional 6.0 - Begin to create a backup set - After it scans my SCSI devices, cancel out without creating a backup set - Try to exit Retrospect, and it hangs while the status bar says "Quitting" - Force the application closed in the Task Bar It eventually causes a STOP 0x00000076 - PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES error. Following the instructions at: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;q256010 I told Windows to track locked pages. Now, the crash is STOP: 0x000000CB (0xY,0xY,0xY,0xY) DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS as expected. The driver is ASPI32.SYS. I am using the very latest 4.72 ASPI straight from www.adaptec.com. Seems like something Dantz might want to fix.