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    9 and older storagesets

    Just to be clear, The tape drive and restrospect will be running on OS X client. The data is stored on OS X Server. So I would need atleast Single server to archive data off of that machine. Is that correct? Thanks, sorry it took so long, got busy with other things.
  2. How does this work for tapes? Or does it just affect the storageset file?
  3. I've been using 6 for years and back to v 3. I don't use Retrospect for backup, instead I archive to tape. Can 9 still archive and will it read my old storage sets? I did convert all my really old storagesets to v6. But want to make sure I can read them. Also, we do all of our work off of a server, but the tape archive is on a different machine. Do I need to install on a server OS or can I do the same as I've done in the past? Finally, What the heck happened? Dantz to EMC to Roxio to Retrospect? I can't keep track of what the heck is going on anymore. Thanks. And hopefully this will be the last move for a while.
  4. I've been using Retrospect for many years. Since version 2. My last upgrade was version 6 Server. So I could backup all clients and server. That never really worked that well for me. Since then I've moved away from that and use Time Machine to back up my clients and Server is backed up using SuperDuper! I still use Retrospect to archive finished jobs to tape. I run Retrospect on one of the client machines and archive jobs from the server to tape. Now that 8.2 will read 6 storage sets, I think I can finally consider upgrading. But I don't know if I need to spend the money for the Server version for what I want to do. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Hey, when did the versions change? I thought server supported more than one server. Atleast that's what I was told when I spent the extra money.
  6. Even though I have the Server version of Retro for the mac?
  7. I'm moving up to 6.1 for the mac, but which client do I use for Windows SBS 2k3? I just don't want to screw anything up. Thanks,
  8. I'm running 5.1.1 (Server) on OS 9 (Beige G3) to backup a OS X Server. I have 4 shares to backup. So my scripts look like the following: Monday I: Recycle backup of Share 1 to Storage Set/Tape Monday Monday II: Normal backup of Shares 2-4 to Storage Set/Tape Monday For some reason, the Normal backup will backup all data, even though very little data has changed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Well, I got it to work by copying the file over to the server and Archiving it from there. But, I'm using a VXA-2 firewire. I have a feeling, that it's related to permissions.
  10. I've decided to update some of my Archive tapes by unarchiving, then rearchiving in Retro 6. Verification gives me "bad backup set header found" errors. Can somebody tell me what is going on? I've tried multiple tapes and get the same error on the same files. Retro 6 on 10.3.3 using latest driver. Everything is current.
  11. I occasionally will have that problem with my VXA-2. Exabyte suggests turning the drive on before plugging/replugging it into the FW port. I suspect it has something to do with their FW bridge.
  12. I use duplicate to back up our server twice a week. It has been hinted that the next release will speed up that function. Any ETA, or other bits of optimization. I would love to see my VXA-2 approach 240MB/min backing up.
  13. Is the drive configured for Speed or compression?
  14. jbx, What kind of speeds do you get with the VXA drive? I'm also running Retro 6 Workgroup, but I run it on a client because I was having problems running it on Server, but it takes the load off of the server.
  15. I think it got slower with the new RDU. Now I'm under 100MB/min. Also, my OS 9 clients back up at a much higher speed than X. Any reasons? Any word on the update?