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    backup to external firewire

    Will Retrospect allow, backing up of the system OS (say drive C:) to an external firewire drive connected to another PC via peer-to-peer networking (using DHCP, or has to be IP hard assigned) If so, is it possible to restore the system from that external firewire networked drive? thank you.
  2. georgiejr

    backup to external firewire

    I have been struggling looking for a backup software that would backup to an external Maxtor firewire drive. Here is the scenario...C: drive only contains OS which is XP. I want to backup this up to the external firewire drive and be able to restore from that firewire image when disaster occurs. Will the disaster recovery CD be able to access the external firewire drive to to a complete restore? Which version of the backup software (Express or Professional) can do this? I have a peer-to-peer small home network composed of 4 PC's but all I am interested in is backing up the main PC and my laptop. Thank you.