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  1. I am getting the same problem. I just updated the airport software AND the retrospect client because I was experiencing iother problems. It works fine with a wire-based ethernet connection, but not with the airport. I get a -519 after about 500 files. As I monitor the network connection during the backup, I can see that at some point I lose my IP address. I cannot "renew" the dhcp address, but I can get a valid IP address again by putting my powerbook to sleep and waking it up again. I haven't resolved the problem. I'll let you know if I find anything out.
  2. agorman_co

    Backing up over wireless

    Your setup sounds *identical* to mine. My notebook gets noticed whether it is wired to the switch or the WAP (in both cases it gets an ip from the switch). It has a different ip in both cases, but the server *seems* to look for the computer name, not the IP. I haven't looked into this because it just worked for me, but unless I'm overlooking something, I think you should be able to get it to work. For what it's worth, when I upgraded from 5.1 to 6.0, my clients were not found by the server. It later worked after I uninstalled and reinstalled everything (as the help files suggested). I'm not sure if that would help (or is feasible), but sometimes that's not a bad rout to go. Good luck! Andy
  3. agorman_co

    Error # -102

    I received an error -102 (communication lost), which (according to the help files) is a problem with the device. I can't see any problem with my OnStream DI30 (ide tape drive) or the tape. When I look at the properties of the tape, I see it is only 5.3 gb full (out of 15gb native); however, I keep getting prompted for a new tape for the set. I can't seem to use the remaining 10gb of the tape. Is there any way to get that tape recognized as un-full? What is the best way to try to reclaim/reuse that tape ("Forget it" "Recycle")? I wasn't sure if "Recycle" apply to the WHOLE BACKUP SET or if you could just recycle a SINGLE TAPE in the set.
  4. agorman_co

    Redundate data in backup sets

    I am having a problem with retrospect in a windown xp network. When files are copied from the file server to a client, the creation date on the client copy gets set to the current date, therefore it fail retrospect's match criteria. This seems like a fairly common scenario (i.e., copying files off a server to read and not modify). You would think that Dantz would anticipate this situation and allow the match criteria to be end-user configurable. Is this creating a problem for anyone else? Has anyone come up with a work around?
  5. agorman_co

    Avoiding Redundant Backups

    Your info was very helpful. I see that copying a file in Win XP causes the creation date of the new file to be set to the current time/date, while the modification date is unchanged. So, it apprears that it is not matching because of different creation dates. Seems like a large problem that many people should be having. Is anyone aware of a work around? It doesn't seem like custom selectors can be set up to do this. Any advice? Andy
  6. agorman_co

    Outlook archive.pst file

    I notice that my outlook archive file gets backed up everyday. For some reason files modification date gets updated each time I use outlook even thought there does not appear to be any archive actions taking place. Has anyone noticed this? Is there a graceful way to avoid this--or do I just need to exclude that file from the daily backup and maybe create a weekly backup that gets this file? Any advice?
  7. I am new as a retrospect administrator. I bought retrospect pro 6.0 mainly because of its claims to eliminate/reduce redundant data in the backups. I have three machines in my home network, a file/backup server and two clients. I was surprised to see that files that were backed up from the file server were subsequently backed up from the clients to which they were copied, even though there were no changes to the files (i.e., they were just copied from the server to a client). I thought that the same file would not be backed up more than once to the same backup set. Why would the copy get backed up if the original was already backed up? What constitutes a redundant file? Is there a way to configure how redundant files are identified?