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  1. My workplace has projects archived to DDS2 tape, Retrospect 4 and earlier format, for a number of years. These tapes can mostly be read by Retro 4.3 on OS 9. My goal is to extract all files from the tapes. Best close method I found was to search for all files whose name does not contain "qp43p94hnsflkalkjhf;asdfj!q243"- result is to select everything in the backup set. That's great, up until the point that old tapes are old, and have random read errors. Upon such an error, the restore job aborts. Is there any way to get Retrospect to skip errors upon a restore?
  2. Yep, confirmed that after a reboot, I can now manage Retrospect as expected. But that's not a long term fix.
  3. Are you seeing the same useless GUI that I am? http://twitpic.com/6rvyu9 I've seen this twice now on the machine I'm migrating my Retro backups to. Fixed it once with a reboot, looks like I'll have to try that again. But whadaheck is this supposed to be?
  4. Came here with the same problem this morning- thankfully my .bak file was available, and did the trick. Thanks for the post! Time to turn off automatic updates on this machine.
  5. Steve3

    Why is my catalog file continually corrupt?

    It's not ECC, just 2 gigs of standard RAM. I haven't tried a different drive, as I'd prefer to have all my catalogs in one place- it makes duplicating them easier. This time around, I decided to do a recycle set this weekend, as I have historical backups stored in other Retro sets, and I back up using another vendor's product also. I'll keep the drive suggestion in mind for if/when it happens again. Thanks.
  6. Steve3

    Why is my catalog file continually corrupt?

    I find it hard to swallow that since one function of one app doesn't function properly I should just start randomly replacing parts... or the whole computer. So I got one working backup yesterday, and again overnight- hurray! But after my last recatalog rebuild job, I found a series of snapshots from last September (I only want to keep the last 7). So I went through the Catalog, selected "forget", and "groom now". Want to guess the results? + Executing Grooming at 2/11/2009 9:01 AM (Execution unit 1) Grooming Backup Set Mac-LinuxServers2disk... Groomed 890.9 MB from Backup Set Mac-LinuxServers2disk. Grooming Backup Set Mac-LinuxServers2disk failed, error -2241 (Catalog File invalid/damaged) You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File. See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files. I cannot have confidence that Retrospect will be there for me to do its purpose when it just fails, fails and fails again.
  7. Steve3

    Why is my catalog file continually corrupt?

    Sigh. The catalog I've been fighting with now can't be opened at all. Error 2259, incomplete grooming detected.
  8. I'm about ready to throw Retrospect into a half-frozen Wisconsin lake. It was last Monday that it first complained a set was out of sync. So I used Tools: Update Catalog. On next run, it complained it was out of sync again (this fix has NEVER worked for me). I brought back 2 different catalogs from their storage on my NAS, and used Tools:Update them. When I'd run the script, it would complain the catalog was out of sync. So I started rebuilding the catalog from scratch. It read about 160 gigs of local disk storage, and declared it was out of memory, but kindly offered to save my partial catalog. Since I've had this experience before, I saved the catalog, and then did Tools: Update on that one, and left it to scan the remaining 800 gigs of backup data. Many hours later, it claimed to be fixed. But the next backup started, then declared it was out of sync. I repeated the rebuild/crash/continue cycle a few more times, and by some good fortune today, ended up with a catalog file that Retro was able to add onto. I wish I knew what was different this time, but I don't. I watched the script successfully run this morning, until the end of the last client, where Retrospect declared an assertion failure, and exited. Upon restart, it tried to run a groom script, and complained... want to guess? That the catalog is out of sync, and suggested rebuilding it. In the last week, My Retrospect has spent FAR more time trying to rebuild these fragile catalog files than it has doing it's purpose. Having backups of the catalog files and updating them hasn't helped. Rebuilding the catalog files takes hours and frequently fails. When I finally got it rebuilt once, I got one backup before it broke. Yes, I'm venting. But I also need some guidance on what I can do to keep these catalog files from breaking. This is just unacceptable. Jeez. It *just* popped up another one AS I WAS WRITING THIS. Assertion failure at "elem.cpp-1000" I suppose I now have a different catalog that's going to be borked. Backing up from XP Pro SP3, Retro Multi Server 7.6.123 Thanks in advance for any guidance, Steve3
  9. Steve3

    I thought I was grooming....

    FWIW, I decided to archive the most recent snapshot of the backup set to a new set, and then recycle. I got my space back.... just hoping I don't have to do this periodically.
  10. Steve3

    I thought I was grooming....

    It's reached the maximum size many times, tried to groom, and gave me the "I still need more space" dialog, so I've added more disk destinations to it, and grew the limits of members at other times. It's taking up 1.5TB over both DAS and NAS storage now (which is much more than the sum of my Entourage databases x 2). I also have done manual and scheduled grooms. The data isn't purging. The snapshots are being removed, but I can still pull the data back by browsing sessions that go back much, much farther than the last 2 snapshots.
  11. I too would love to see the simple option to select multiple snapshots for deletion.
  12. .... but I'm not. I have a disk to disk backup that just grabs the Entourage folders on my clients. I have the groom policy set to only keep the last 2 snapshots, and if I browse snapshots, I see exactly what I expect. What isn't working as I expect is if I Configure: Backup Sets: Entourage Databases: Properties: Sessions, I can open that session, navigate through was was backed up, and right click-> Retrieve and get the file back. Since I'm backing up the Entourage database, the file is "different" than the last backup, and therefore backed up on each run. Therefore, this now superceeded file shouldn't be needed to restore the most recent 2 snapshots: it's been updated with a newer version. I was expecting it to get groomed out the next time a groom occurs. So why is it still here? Am I not using the groom feature properly? Many thanks, Steve3
  13. Steve3

    Fragile catalogs

    This machine is dedicated to Retrospect- the only time it's turned off is to install Windows Updates. Any time the application is quit, it's been under proper controlled circumstances- except for when it throws an error and explodes on it's own.
  14. Steve3

    Fragile catalogs

    1 gig RAM, 25gigs open on C: How can I keep .rdb files from being corrupted?
  15. Retro 7.6 Multi Server, running on Windows XP. One of my backup sets recently reported "Catalog File out of Sync", so I first took Retro's advice to use Tools>Repair Catalog>Update Existing to fix it. This didn't work. So I went with the Nuclear Option of Tools>Repair Catalog>Recreate from Disks. This ran for 14 hours, then says "Not enough application memory". Twice. How do I provide more application memory? This isn't OS 9, where you could just change memory allocations via Get Info. Besides this damaged catalog, I also have another set which says it can't be groomed and needs to be rebuilt. This is a frequent problem, demanding that I rebuild catalogs. What can I do to make these stable? All the time I spend rebuilding them is time backups aren't happening. Thanks, Steve.