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    XP Pro not able to backup

    Quote: Firewall is the first to check, but you knew that one already. But there's no need to disable it completely: http://kb.dantz.com/display /2n/kb/article.asp?aid=1109&n=3&s= Yes we tried it with the ports enabled etc etc and decided just to try with the firewall switched off. Quote: Do you have the latest client installed? i believe we have but I'll check....again Quote: Have you tried adding the client by IP address? Yup and no joy mike
  2. Hi guys can anybody help? We are running retropect 6 on a mixed Mac and PC network. We have a machine running XP pro which we cannot back up. We've turned off the Firewall and we can ping the machine, We can even see it in the client subnet dialogue box. However, when we select it we keep getting the error 530 client not found. any suggestions? Mike please?
  3. mikerennie

    Retrieval problems

    Yeah guessed that this would be the solution, just wanted to double check. Thanks mike
  4. just a quick query. I'm trying to reinstall files onto a windows NT machine. I have the correct tape and know that the files are on it from checking the log. Due to the way we scripted the backups we use only three catalugues (mon -wed) have three sets of three tapes (this was menat to be a temporary measure while we sorted out some issues) Obviously now that I want to reinstate these files the catalogue only gives me the last weeks snapshot. I do have the option of rebuilding the catalogue from the tape. I'd just like to check that this is ok and the right thing to do before I start thanks mike
  5. Hi, Wondering if anybody could help. I'm trying to install the client on acouple of windows 2000 machines after selecting "instal client" I keep getting the error message. ERROR INSTALL ING iKernel.exe:(0x800) can anybody help. Thanks in advance Mike