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  1. Yes, the Agent will only replace from the last backup done, either a full or incremental, as long as the backup location or where you save the files to did not change. Also the options can only be either the Information store or the entire server with this Agent.
  2. When using the 1.2 Exchange Agent to replace the stores what choices are you presented with? With this agent you should be just given the choice to replace or restore the stores as they were last backed up and not a specific time frame. What does the log show for the backup of these stores?
  3. Ericg

    Automatic scheduling

    When installing the version 1.3 using these steps. http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27483 , were you prompt to place in the license code?
  4. To un-install the Exchange Agent completely, follow the instructions from this knowledgebase article. http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=26731 This will allow you to install the Agent with the new license code.
  5. Using the Exchange Agent you will only be able to restore the Information store and/or the Directory store back to a working Exchange server. The Exchange agent does not have a feature to restore any level below the two stores. Please view this KB article for further backup and restore procedures. http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27071
  6. What happens if you unmount the 2 stores in Exchange Manager then run a full copy with the Retrospect Exchange agent. Then mount the stores back and run the full copy again?
  7. Hi, First let's check a few items; 1. Is the Exchange Agent EXE located on the computer running Exchange? 2. What version of the agent are you running? 1.3 is the latest 3. Is Exchange running properly and both stores mounted? 4. After receiving the first checksum error was the computer rebooted? You will need to reboot it. 5. What Exchange version to you have selected in the Exchange Agent? Right click on the title bar and "Select Microsoft Exchange Server Version" 6. After completing the steps above go to the "Copy" tab and select "full copy" and let's try it again. Regards, Eric
  8. Ericg

    Instant "copy" fails

    Please see your other post for helpful items.
  9. We usually see this message when after a copy the agent's "copy to location" was changed. Was this the very first operation done that you received this error? Ensure you have the "Full copy" option selected under the Copy tab, and then try the copy again. The Exchange server must be running and the Exchange Agent EXE must be run local to this machine. One other thing to check is if you have SRS running. If you only have one Exchange server then this feature is not needed and should be turned off. Regards Eric
  10. No, the Information store has to be running.
  11. Question I: ANSWER: The Exchange 2000 server is a program that is installed onto your Windows 2000 server. The database's are the files it creates that holds all the information. The M drive is actually a virtual drive that Microsoft uses to write to. Check this listing for more info [ http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=exchange&Number =9443&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=all&fpart= ] Question II: ANSWER: Exchange 2000 server, the program that is installed onto a system running Windows 2000 server, can be backed up with Retrospect. The files that Exchange creates are the live database files that contain the information, this needs to be backed up by the Retrospect Exchange Agent. Question III. ANSWER: Retrospect can not restore individual mailboxes at this time.
  12. Ericg

    Whats New in 1.3?

    Version 1.3 included bug fixes and better logging and is suggested to upgrade to this version..