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  1. I was having the same problem on our server and tracked it down to a lack of available physical memory, which resides is real, no paged memory. This is shared between the file cache, the OS kernal, which NT has a limit of 196 MB and Win 2000 of 340MB. I had our servers configured as "File Servers", which enables a large file cache (HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache=1. Using the MSD Memory tab or Task Manager Performance Tab, which shows the memory, I noticed when Retrospect Server got the error the available Physical Memory was almost 0 (5K or so) and my File Cache was about 3/4 of my Physical Memory. This mainly occurred when backing up large client systems (14 GB or more). Changing this registry entry to =0 to use regular file cache settings (or setting your Server optimization for balanced or minimize memory), this seems to limit the file cache to 1/4 Physical memory and leaves over 1/2 free whenever Retrospect is running, which eliminated this error!
  2. I am testing Retrospect Professional 6 (We are testing it to upgrade from 5.15 to 6.0. I removed 5.15 client before installing 6). I am backing up to a network drive, and I have tried setting the backup volume as a mounted drive (X:\backup\backupfile.rbf) and as a UNC (\\server\drive\backup\backupfile.rbf) and neither way works. I have 3 local disks (C: D: E:) which I am trying to backup. The C: disk always works, and then it scans the D:, and as soon as it start the actual backup of D: I get the asset error (see below). Looking at the assert_log.utx file, it lists the problem with PCVLDRVR.DLL with OutlookExec::Initialize and Outlook::Start. I have Outlook 2000, and I have tried running Retrospect both with Outlook running and also terminated (the log below was with Outlook not running) and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Any ideas? -- Rod ============================================================== OS: Windows 2000 version 5.0 (build 2195), Service Pack 2 Application: D:\Dantz\Retrospect6Pro\Retrospect.exe, version 6.0.206 Exception occurred on 11/4/2002 at 9:14:07 PM Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION Fault address: 6355591F 0001:0005491F PCVLDRVR.DLL Thread ID: 000001D0, Name: Execution thread EAX:21130E38 CS:001B EIP:6355591F EFlags:00010202 EBX:00764C68 SS:0023 ESP:11AEAE94 EBP: 11AEB2F4 ECX:1089ED80 DS:0023 ESI:11AEBF48 FS: 003B EDX:1089EDA8 ES:0023 EDI:11AEBECC GS: 0000 Module Fn (symbol or seg:offset in DLL) Args =============== ================================= ======================================================================= PCVLDRVR.DLL GetTaskListNT +4EF 11AEB690 11AEB6C4 11AEBECC 005C006E 00700041 00200070 00610050 00680074 PCVLDRVR.DLL UGetProcessIdByName +5C 63580B60 11AEB754 1 63580928 10B71C0C 0 11AEB728 10B70000 PCVLDRVR.DLL OutlookExec::Initialize +145 10C40130 1 11AEBE98 60948385 10C40130 1 181DFE14 10C3F160 PCVLDRVR.DLL Outlook::Start +25 10C40130 1 181DFE14 10C3F160 0 0 0 0 PCVOL.DLL vlocExecStarting +E9 10C3ECC4 10BCA10C 11AEDCE8 11AEDD64 11AEBF68 60012786 11AEC09C 10A7F72C meson.dll ModuleData::send +652 10C3ECC4 'vShS' 10BCA10C 11AEDCE8 11AEDD64 11AEBF68 60012786 11AEC09C ENGINEHI.DLL extoBegin +7E1 10BCA10C 10BCA124 0 11AEE6E8 6062B461 10BCA10C 0014C2A4 10BCA124 meson.dll ModuleData::send +652 10BCA10C 'ExBg' 10BCA124 0 11AEE6E8 6062B461 10BCA10C 0014C2A4 meson.dll doTask +299 'ExOp' 0 10BCA10C 'ExBg' 11AEE228 11AEE228 1076AF44 11AEE230 meson.dll TThread::TaskSend +23 10BF2CEC 'ExOp' 10BCA10C 'ExBg' 10BCA124 0 11AEE6E8 6062B461 ENGINEHI.DLL execDoRun +1EE 10BCA10C 0014C2A4 10BCA124 61B00000 11AEE7A8 60609BE1 10BCA10C 0014C2A4 meson.dll doTask +21E 'EScr' 60226BB2 0 0 11AEE720 11AEE720 2 11AEE730 meson.dll TThread::TaskCall +21 10BF2CEC 'EScr' 60226BB2 10BCA10C 0014C2A4 10BCA124 61B00000 11AEE7A8 ENGINEHI.DLL execRun +33 10BCA10C 0014C2A4 0014C364 10BCA10C 0 0012DC04 60609BE1 0014C2A4 meson.dll ModuleData::send +652 10BCA10C 'ExRu' 0014C2A4 0014C364 10BCA10C 0 0012DC04 60609BE1 meson.dll TMesonMsg::Do +89 11AEE82C 0 10BF2CEC 11AEF958 00764C68 0 0 61B3A2C0 meson.dll TThread::mesonDoOne +139 10BF2CEC 11AEEADC 6060EBBC 0 11AEED84 0 0 11AEED56 meson.dll TThread::mesonQFlush +3E 0 11AEED84 0 0 11AEED56 1 0000003C 0 meson.dll msgHelper +2D 10BF2CEC 1 11AEF044 11AEF52C 00764C68 0 0 10BF2CEC meson.dll doTask +21E 'Msg ' 6060EB8F 0 0 11AEEFCC 11AEEFCC 1 11AEF008 meson.dll TThread::TaskCall +21 10BF2CEC 'Msg ' 6060EB8F 10BF2CEC 1 11AEF044 11AEF52C 00764C68 meson.dll TThread::MsgBlock +96 'Msg ' 11AEF4CC 6062B461 11AEF9BC 6062B461 'LopT' 10BF2CEC 6003AEB7 meson.dll msgInTask +1F 11AEF9BC 6062B461 'LopT' 10BF2CEC 6003AEB7 0 0012D7C8 11AEFED0 meson.dll doTask +21E 'MsgT' 6060FAFD 0 0 11AEF504 11AEF504 10BF2CEC 11AEF504 meson.dll TThread::TaskCall +21 10BF2CEC 'MsgT' 6060FAFD 11AEF9BC 6062B461 'LopT' 10BF2CEC 6003AEB7 meson.dll loopInTask +27 'LopT' 10BF2CEC 6003AEB7 0 0012D7C8 11AEFED0 606323DF 0 meson.dll doTask +21E 'LopT' 6060FAD1 0 0 11AEF9F4 11AEF9F4 11AEFED0 11AEFA14 meson.dll TThread::TaskCall +21 10BF2CEC 'LopT' 6060FAD1 'LopT' 10BF2CEC 6003AEB7 0 0012D7C8 meson.dll TThread::MsgLoop +45 'LopT' 10BCA10C 11AEFEDC 6062B461 001D982C 10A7EE6C 00000944 00000173 ENGINEHI.DLL execMakeThreadProc +63 001D982C 10A7EE6C 00000944 00000173 0012D8AC 0012D8AC 00000010 0 meson.dll doTask +21E 'Task' 602241F9 0 0 11AEFF14 11AEFF14 60631D2E 11AEFF80 meson.dll TThread::TaskCall +21 10BF2CEC 'Task' 602241F9 001D982C 10A7EE6C 00000944 00000173 0012D8AC meson.dll modThreadRoot +14F 0012D7F4 0012D298 77FCB6DE 00764C68 C0000005 11AEFF8C 11AEAAE0 11AEFFDC MSVCR70.dll 0001:0000312F 00764C68 0012D298 77FCB6DE 00764C68 7FFAF000 0 11AEFFC0 0 KERNEL32.dll 0001:0000A2D8
  3. We are a 5.15 Workgroup user, considering the move to 6.0, just if it will solve the Winerr 1450 problem (this is a Windows resource problem which we see on two of our clients which have backup files over 15 GB). Looking on the 5.x Workgroup form it looks like 5.5 and 5.6 versions also had this problem, but I haven't seen a listing here. Does anyone have the 6.0 Server backup, and backup clients to hard disk and the .RBF file is over 15 GB for the client?
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    Which version do I need?

    I agree that their new licensing system sucks! We are a small software developer (5 full time developers) but have 2 servers (1 production, 1 test). The Workgroup pricing in 5.x worked fine for us, but now we need to upgrade to the MultiServer backup to backup up the server machines, just because of the OS they have. Their previous licensing system was much more fair and larger firms, with more backup needs, paid more. I guess with their current system, even if you were a single developer with a Windows 2000 Advanced server machine (which you need for testing), you would pay the same price as a 100 user office with a single server.