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    Travan "Out of Sync"

    Using Retrospect 6.0 and Windows Server 2003. I have a Seagate 20/40Gb Travan with a USB 2.0 connection. The backup works fine to a StorageSet the first time it is run but when it is ran again to the same StorageSet the "Out of Sync" message appears and the catalogue and tape need re-synced. Does anyone else have this same setup and have it working or can anyone provide some pointers on what to try to do now. I've do some prelimanary troubleshooting inv RDU 3.8 but this didn't fix it.
  2. My remote client (v5.0.540) which is running on an Apple PowerBook with Wireless is showing in the server client list but when I try to Log-in this client it tells me that it is not visible on the network. If it is in the client list on the OS X Server then why can it not be logged in. This has been working previously and just started to fail. It won;t even work over Ethernet with Airport disabled. I've done all the re-installing, etc. Any advice out there????