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  1. Hi, Our client’s new Windows Server 2008 Standard 64 bit server crashed the other night. We are running Retrospect Single Server 7.6.123 We have three Windows XP backup clients (all with the current client) and aren't doing any UNC/Network backups. Retrospect is running as the "logged in user" (domain admin) and not with the manually configured RBU. Just prior to the crash, the Application event logs indicated several "Interactive Services Detection" events by Retrospect. The System event logs gave no indication of any problems and were normal right up until the crash. I’ve pasted in one of the event logs below. The problem has not happened again, but the client is a bit edgy. Previously their "backup" procedure was to periodically copy files over to a CD's. They are nervous about a backup program that runs without any live person actually doing it. Despite our assurances, this crash has them questioning our advice. Has anyone else reported this issue? I'm aware of the RBU issues and how they relate to the Interactive Services Detection, but that isn't the case here as we aren't doing any network backups over UNC and haven't configured a RBU. Thanks in advance, KP Log Name: Application Source: Interactive Services detection Date: 7/9/2009 1:37:15 AM Event ID: 1000 Task Category: None Level: Information Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Description: A device or program has requested attention. Device or application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.6\retrorun.exe. Message title: Retrospect.
  2. Hi Robin, We have solved the problem. Retrospect was trying to access directories that no longer existed via UNC path on a Win2K server. I'm surprised the program didn't handle this better, but as we could see where it froze each time, we simply removed the directories from the subvolumes list and it was able to make it all the way through. Thanks again, Keith Parker
  3. Thanks for your reply Robin. We've been tied up on other issues and just returned to it this AM. We are making some progess on it. Although the logs don't reveal where it breaks, the screen does. When it wrecks, you can see in the background exactly what it was trying to back up. We have narrowed it down to some files being backed up via UNC path on a server. We have temporarily removed that server (our oldest server, a legacy Win2K Server box) and are now running the full network backup to see if it breaks again. Thanks, again. Best Regards, Keith Parker
  4. Hi, Recently, Retropsect began crashing after it had been running for a while. The operations log shows no sign of this, but an onscreen error message is created and the assert_log.utx file indicates the error. I'm not 100% certain, but this may have started after we upgraded to 7.6.123. Error message and partial Assert log below. ERROR MESSAGE: Retrospect has encountered a serious error: Assertion failure at "vfatlive.cpp-1383" A log of this error has been written to the file "assert_log.utx". Please tell EMC about this problem. We have created an error report that can help us improve EMC Retrospect. We will treat this report as confidential and anonymous. Send the error report? ASSERT LOG (just the first portion; if anyone wants to see the entire thing I can email it to them) Note--I erased the assert log, then ran Retrospect until it crashed, so this log only contains information about the most recent crash. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OS: Windows Server 2003 version 5.2 (build 3790), Service Pack 2, (32 bit) Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.6\Retrospect.exe, version 7.6.123 Driver Update and Hot Fix version Exception occurred on 6/5/2009 at 1:14:51 PM Error info: Assertion failure at "vfatlive.cpp-1383" Exception code: e0000000 ASSERTION Fault address: 77e4bef7 0001:0000aef7 (null) Thread ID: ba4, Name: Execution thread EAX:02626abc CS:75001b EIP:77e4bef7 EFlags:00000206 EBX:00ce4f40 SS:0023 ESP:02626ab8 EBP: 02626b0c ECX:00000000 DS:760023 ESI:02626b4c FS: 65003b EDX:00000001 ES:650023 EDI:02626b4c GS: 6f0000
  5. KeithParker

    Moving to larger backup hard drive

    I'm not moving Retrospect to a different computer. I've simply swapped in a new (larger) hard drive for backups that contains the same backups sets, has the same drive letter, and has the same name. But Retrospect won't recognize the existing backup sets on the disk. I'm at a loss. It seems like this should be easy to do.
  6. KeithParker

    Moving to larger backup hard drive

    Thanks for the reply Lennart. It's a disk backup set. I tried what you suggested; unfortunately I still get the same error message. Keep in mind the new disk already has all of the currecnt backup sets copied over to it (nearly 400 GB). I now need to get Retrospect to simply recognize that these are backup sets it already knows about.
  7. Hi Folks, I'm having some trouble with getting Retrospect to recognize a new hard drive I've installed in my backup system. I'm running Retrospect Single Server 7.6 on Windows Server 2003. I have a four drive box. Two of the drives are 750 GB. Two of the drives are (well, were) 400 GB. I'm running out of space and have decided to replace the two 400 GB drives with two 1.5 TB drives. Over the weekend I did the following: Copied from one of the 400 GB drives, the entire Retrospet folder (where backup sets live) to one of the new 1.5 TB drives. Removed the 400 GB drive, and changed the drive letter of the new drive to the same letter as the old 400 GB drive (U:) However, when I go into the properties for any one of the backup sets on that drive (there are several) and.. 1. Click properties 2. Click members 3. Select a member that is on the 1.5 TB disk 4. Click properties The disk shows up as the old size (372 GB capacity). I cannot seem to get it to realize it is now on a new, much larger drive. If, from the same properties window, 1. I click "browse" (to the right of the drive letter). 2. Single click the drive letter 3. Click OK twice I get an error message that says, "Cannot use the specified backup data folder" Anyone have any thoughts on how to get around this? All the .rdb files are there; everything looks as it did on the old drive, but Retrospect won't recogize it. Since I have to do this with another drive also, I need to work this out before I try the next drive. Thanks, in advance. Keith Parker San Rafael CA
  8. Hi, No, it was the program update. It was the 7.5.387 update, which simply hadn't yet been run on each of these machines. Cheers...
  9. Hi folks, We manage IT for numerous small business clients. This morning, three of them reported to us that they were getting a "You have not been backed up..." message on their workstations. In all three cases, Retrospect had last run on 8/28/2007. All are running Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Retrospect Single Server 7.5x In all cases, the Retrospect launcher service was already running. In all cases, there was an update available. After installing the update and restarting the launcher service, Retrospect immediately commenced to run a backup. There are no indications in any of the event logs as to why Retrospect stopped running. It simply stopped. Has anyone else had this kind of problem in general? And what happened on August 28, 2007 to cause Retrospect to stop running in three locations? Best Regards, Keith Parker
  10. KeithParker

    Very slow transfer of backup sets

    This problem may be resolved. Using Windows, I copied the entire source backup set to a different drive to have a copy of it. Then I performed a recycle backup on the original which resulted in about 70 GB of data being backed up. Then I performed a transfer from that set to the archives backup set and it ran in about 45 minutes, as expected. Not really sure what was wrong with the original source backup of 156 GB. During a transfer it would get up to around 45 GB and then just slow to a crawl. Things seem to be functioning normally now. KP
  11. KeithParker

    Very slow transfer of backup sets

    Hi, I have more information. I apologize, in advance, for the length of this post, but I was asked to provide more information and to short cut the back and forth I’m providing information that will also cover questions or issues likely to be brought up by others. I hope that an Dantz technical support person can also comment on this. There are no Windows application, security, or system event logs related to the data transfer or in any other way indicating any problems. The computer is only a few months old and is only a Retrospect backup server. The Retrospect logs indicate no difficulties and in fact, regular backups either across the network (all gigabit) or from internal drives, all run at typically greater than 1,000 MB/min. The drives that are being transferred to and from are external SATA drives in a 4 drive JBOD unit. The specific unit is by Addonics and it can handle five hot swappable drives connected to the server via an eSATA cable. The server itself uses a PCI Express eSATA card with extremely high throughput. Prior to setting it up with Retrospect, I performed numerous speed tests with these drives both with drive to drive transfers and internal drive to external drive transfers. This was in Windows, before I put any Retrospect files on there. I used a 4.7 GB zip archive of compressed jpg files for my test file. In speed test the results were fairly consistent and it didn't matter whether I copied the file from an internal SATA drive to an external SATA drive, vice-versa, of from an external SATA drive to an external SATA drive. I got about 2.7 GB per minute about 162 Gigabytes per hour. Needless to say, the speed I'm getting within Retrospect is far, far below that. As a new test, I've deleted my original destination backup set and replaced it with a new, empty one. I'm now attempting a recycle transfer from the 156 GB one to the new empty one. The transfer is taking place from one external SATA drive to another external SATA drive. At periodic intervals, I've recorded the time and how large the destination set was. The current running speed transfer average is 3.7 Gigabytes per hour. At that rate it will take 42 hours to complete. On a related note, I'm currently logged into a client's computer and am performing a similar transfer as she recently had the internal Retrospect backups drive fail. In this case, I've installed the new drive, then plugged in the external USB 2.0 drive (used for offsite backups) and I'm performing a normal (non-recycle) transfer from the offsite drive backup set to the internal drive fresh, clean backup set to pre-seed the internal one. The entire Offsite backup set is 6.77 GB in size. The transfer has been running for about 30 minutes now and the internal drive backup set is now just over 3.0 GB in size, so basically this transfer is running only a bit faster than the one on my own system. I now have multiple data points on two different computer systems at physically different locations performing transfers and the data transfer rates abysmally slow on each system ranging between 4 and 6 GB per hour. At this juncture it appears to be an issue with how Retrospect performs backup set transfers. I would appreciate technical support staff at Dantz weighing in on this issue. Best Regards, Keith Parker San Rafael CA
  12. Hi, I'm running Retrospect Single Server 7.5.285 on Windows Server 2003 SP-1. This server is a backup server and performs no other duties. I'm presently running a manual backup set transfer from a backup set called, "Data Files" to another called, "Data Files Archives". Each backup set is on its own 400 GB SATA drive. The "Data Files" backup set is about 157 GB in total size. The transfer is incredibly slow! It is transferring at a rate of about 1.5 GB per HOUR. At this rate it will take days to fully transfer. Is this a normal speed? Please advise-- Keith Parker San Rafael, CA
  13. Hi, I'm running Retrospect Single Server 6.5 on a Win2K Server box. It also backs up several machines on my network. I got a message on 12/20/2005 on one of the workstations that it had not been backed up in seven days. I logged onto the server and launched Retrospect. It immediately asked for my serial number. Odd behavior, but I entered it. When it opened up, I checked the operations log. The last time it had run was on 12/14/2005. When I went to look at various settings, all the clients, backup sets, scripts, etc, were as they were about 6 months ago. I had done a fairly complete overhauling of scripts and backup sets about then and now all the changes are gone. What on earth has happened? Thanks in advance, Keith Parker San Rafael CA
  14. KeithParker

    Log analyzer for Retrospect?

    Hi Nate, Thanks. Actually, on my Win2K Server, SP4 box it was in C:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect But on an XP box where I had previously been testing the program it was in the place you mentioned above. It's worth noting that on the Win2K Server box, I originally had installed 5x and have since upgraded to 6.5. However on the XP box it started with 6.5. On the Mac (OS X 10.3) it was where you specify. Cheers, Keith
  15. KeithParker

    Log analyzer for Retrospect?

    Nate, Can you tell me where the location of the operations log file is? Both on Windows and Mac platforms. Presently, what I'm doing is going into the Operations Log, performing a "Select All | Copy" and pasting the contents into a text file, then importing that into FileMaker. It would be easier if I could just point FileMaker at a location, and then select the file directly for import. Thanks in advance, Keith Parker