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  1. I'm running Retrospect Server version 5.0.238 on Mac OS Server 10.1.4 on a G4 tower with Superdrive. I have one `laptops' script that should run always, and a desktops script that should run overnight. Except that most mornings when I come in, Retrospect is not running, and the DVD has ejected. There is nothing in the Retrospect log beyond successful completion of the overnight script, and the machine's uptime suggests it isn't some weird daily building power failure. Any suggestions on where to look for more useful clues as to what's going wrong? Thanks
  2. I don't see this in the manual or in a quick search of the forums. I'm running a backup server script to back up ``My Documents' on several clients. Some of them store important work related stuff in `My Pictures', while others accept that their huge collection of snapshots of the family dog don't need to be backed up. I see a way to exclude where file's folder is `my pictures', but this would apply to the entire script. Is there a way I'm missing to define a source volume as ``Everything in `my documents' except the stuff in `my pictures'''? Thanks.
  3. I have Retrospect server 5.0.236 and the clients are at 5.0.540. This was working fine last week, but now the server is reporting that the clients are not visible on the network (error -1028 if I try configuring the client.) To rule out network problems, I fired up the network utility on the server machine and port-scanned the client; not anly is it visible, but port 497 is all open and ready for action, and the Retrospect application on the client is turned on. Any ideas? I tried seeing if there's a newer server build out but my license key was not accepted... Anyone know if there is?
  4. Exactly the same problem here. OS X Server 10.1.5 Retrospect server 5.0.236 G4 tower with internal DVD- writer. problem occurs maybe every few weeks. Force-quit of Retrospect required, but it does get things working again.
  5. Well, still not sure what that was about, but rebooting the server seems to have fixed it...
  6. rudar

    ZoneAlarms lies?

    Yes; with zone alarm removed, I can see the clients. So I'm pretty sure it's a misconfiguration of zone alarm. Unfortunately they don't have a helpful handy forum like this one, so I was hoping someone here might have some tips on how to configure ZoneAlarm...
  7. I'm having some trouble with getting the windows98 clients backed up. The server is running on mac os x server, and I'm not so familiar with windows. These clients are running ZoneAlarm, the server is defined as trusted, the general protection level for the trusted zone is medium, and ZA states that the Retrospect client is listening on port 497. A port scan from either the trusted zone or the internet, however, does not show port 497 as open... Any suggestions?
  8. Right. but if I have 6 source volumes in a script, can I apply that selector to 3 of them, but not to the other 3?
  9. I'm now having the exact same problem as Paul described back in July... So I figured I'd bump this post up in hopes of any new insights? Thanks.
  10. I seem to be having trouble even before this point. I'm running OS X Server 10.1.5 and Retrospect server 5.0.236 with one backup script always active (laptops) and one run at off hours (desktops). It just goes against my newly acquired unixish grain to leave an admin user logged into the console when I leave, but if I quit Retrospect and agree to all the warning dialogues, the disc (DVD in built-in drive on a G4 tower one generation or so old) ejects. I tried logging out and then pushing it back in, but it ejected again 5min later... Is this a user error on my part, or is running in the background happily something that they're working on?