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    RH 8 troubles

    Aw crap, it turned out to be a Netgear FA310TX not liking win2k server sp3 (or vice versa). Replaced it and things are screaming again. Hey Dantz, apologies for being an idiot. I should have known better than to doubt your stuff. You might want to kill this thread 'cause it's thankfully baseless.
  2. eswanzey

    RH 8 troubles

    I'll save you the trouble, it hangs! I know you probably can't committ to a fix ETA (but feel free), but what is the typical response time from Dantz for an issued fix?
  3. Ever since an upgrade to Red Hat 8 (from v7.3 i think), Retro hangs when actuallty trying to perform the backup. It sees the Linux client OK, and can choose specific volumes to BU, but that's about it. Worked fine before. Should I save some aggravation and wait for a Linux client update from Dantz? I.s., hey Dantz can you confirm that it's a verified problem and committ to an update?