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    Retrospect Versions

    Thanks. This information is very valuable, but incomplete for my needs. I am still running Retrospect Multi-Server version 6.0.206. Is this the latest (last) version for the version 6 series? I note that the client version numbers for Windows and Red Hat are 6.5.xx numbers. Will these versions work with version 6.0.206 Multi-Server? What is the best Macintosh OSX client for 6.0 ? Thanks
  2. I am running Mac System 10.1 Server with the Retrospect 5.0.540 client. I am having a conflict with the Startup order of some applications and have discovered that the StartupParameters.plist file for the RetroRun application asks that the application start Last. To be blunt, I think this is rude. Does RetroRun really need to be the last task started? The plist file does not have any "Requires" entries. Could future versions of the client simply list dependencies the way other applications do, and so relax the order contraints on the system at startup time?
  3. I am running Retrospect 6.0.206 on a windows 2000 box. I have a nightly EasyScript which backs up a collection of 8 Windows and Macintosh clients. All the Mac clients are version 5.0.540 . One of the Mac clients is giving me problems. Most of the time the backups run normally, but about 1 day out of 3 the backup fails with the log message "Can't access backup client Jabberwock, error -530 (backup client not found)" If I do a Configure : Clients in the morning, the dialog says that Jabberwock is not connected; the refresh button gives the error -530 message. I can ping the client from a command window. Rebooting the client fixes the problem. This client has a fixed IP address, and I have set up the client access by giving the nmeric IP. Is there any way to reset the client short of rebooting the whole macintish? Does this problem match any known bugs?
  4. I am having problems with a Mac system X client for Retrospect and want to uninstall the client and start over. In particular, I want to assign a new password. I deleted all the files in the /Application/Retrospect Client directory and re-ran the install. But when I started the client again it didnot ask for a password. This makes me think that there is a /etc or /var file left on the system somewhere with password and other configuration details. What to I have to delete to get a clean slate for new client intstall?
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  6. I am running Retrospect 6.0 on windows. I back up several mac system X clients, using client 5.0.536. I would like to update the mac clients but can't figure out how to find the updates. I downloaded the 'Client INstaller' from the update site, but it seems to only have system 9 clients. Where are the system 10 Mac client updates? Do I update them from windows or from the macinstosh?
  7. DFG_at_Olin

    client version

    I'd like to stir the pot on client versions. Where do I I look to find out what the recommended client versions are for the different platforms? How can I tell what client versions are included in the client_60.exe file which can be downloaded from the support site? The 'Retrospect Clients Read Me' file which comes the the update does not seem to contain any specific version information.
  8. DFG_at_Olin

    where to get mac client update?

    I downloaded the file Retrospect_5040_client.sit to one of my client macs. When I double click the .sit file , the Stuffit Expander application runs and it expands a version of the client software. The first time I double clicked it, a folder called 'Retrospect Client 5.0' was created. The second time I double-clicked the .sit file a folder called 'Retrospect Client 5.0.01' was created. If I want to get version 5.0.40 am I going to have to do this 40 times? How can I get just the most recent client version out of the .sit file? Is there a version of the .sit file on your ftp site that does not contain every client version since the dawn of time? This is too bad that the client updates can't be pushed to the macs. Is this feature in the pipeline for future versions of the Windows 6.0 product?
  9. DFG_at_Olin

    where to get mac client update?

    Thanks, the URL was a bit garbled but I was able to download the file to both my mac and windows machine. But what is this file? Is there documentation for it? What I was expecting was a file which would let me update the macintoshes from the Windows machine running Retrospect 6.0. This file looks to be a file that runs on the macintosh. On windows when I run retrospect 6.0 and choose Configure:Clients:[macsystemname]:Tools:Update The system asks me "Please Select the Client Update File" Where do I get this file and how do I tell what version it is?
  10. Last night there was a power failure after my automatic backup completed. The 2d tape of a two-tape backup set was in the drive at the time. This morning I went to do an immediate backup to the same backup set. The tape dialog box says that the tape is 'erased' but the description of the backup set says that there are 9gb of data on the tape. Is there a way to do a verify on just the 2d tape of the backup set? It looks that it will take 4 hours for the verify of the first tape to complete. Since the first tape was not in the drive at the time of the power failure, this seems to be wasted time.
  11. DFG_at_Olin

    Defining Subvolumes

    Newbie question: I have a Mac client with about 18gig of storage on a single volume. Restrospect Multiserver 6.0.206 crashes with an assert when it tries to back up this volume. I would like to break the volume into two subvolumes. There is one folder (Users) which has about half the files and is an obvious subvolume candidate. But the rest of the data is divided among about 15 other folders. Is there a way to define a subvolume of 'everything except Users'? The Subvolume dialog does not seem to allow selection of more than one folder.
  12. DFG_at_Olin

    Defining Subvolumes

    I understand that I can use selectors to exclude folders, in scripts. But my question was whether I could exclude folders in defining subvolumes. I take it from you answer that this is not possible.
  13. DFG_at_Olin

    Assertion failure on Mac Client backup

    I am also having assert failures with almost the same combination of software versions you describe: Retrospect Mac client 5.0.528 Retrospect Multiserver 6.0.206 Symantec 8.0.3 antivirus on the Mac. The assert is: "Assertion failure at "hfslvtree.cpp-278" After the assert, the catalog on the server is out of sync and must be repaired. Is this the same failure you saw? What did you disable on the Macintosh side to make the backups run? NAV, utilities?