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  1. I used to be able to backup to NAT clients, but now I have the same problem. I don't kow what's changed -- perhaps it happened when I updated OS X on the client or the server, or when I updated my Airport Base Station software. The ABS supplies DHCP addressed for Macs on the Ethernet as well as those that connect wirelessly. Now all my Macs are running 10.2.1. I'm using Retrospect 5.0.236 and Retro Client 5.0.540. I did find a temporary workaround. I gave the Mac running Retrospect an address via DHCP and NAT instead of a static IP address. Now I can back up both Macs with DHCP addresses and Macs and PCs with static IP addresses. This is not an ideal solution because I might want to use the Mac where Retro is running as a web server. AW