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    Retrospect can't "see" client

    I've been a big fan of Retrospect since Mac v1.0, and have a lot of experience with the product, including the Win version since its initial release. I was even a beta tester for many years, including the original Mac & Win remote clients. But I'm quickly changing my tune. This is unacceptable. It shouldn't be this hard. I can't get remote backup to work either. I have a Dell Inspiron XPS running Retrospect 7 and a Dell Inspiron 8200 running the client. Both with Windows XP Pro SP2 and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Both connect to the LAN with 802.11g wireless via a Linksys WRT54G Wireless G router. Everything else about my LAN works just fine: internet access, sharing, etc. I've configured my router to allow multicast, and ZA to open TCP/UDP port 497. I've also tried with ZA disabled on both machines, so my firewall settings aren't the problem (Windows XP firewall is disabled). My XPS can see the client running on the 8200, but here's what happens when I try backups. It starts OK, but after backing up about 5-7 MBs from the client, the backup stalls, and then after a few minutes it fails with: error -519 (network communication failed). Not only that, but my entire LAN communication gets hosed and I have to restart my router before networking is functional again. Someone from Dantz/Cisco needs to address this because I'm going to stop recommending the product and start looking for other solutions otherwise. Dean
  2. I'm a long time Retrospect user (starting with 1.0 Mac ed.). I've been on Windows version 6.0 for some time. I just got a new Dell Insprion XPS laptop, which has an NEC ND6500A 8x DVD +RW/+-R drive. I'm using XP Pro SP2. I have the eval version of Retro Pro 7 to make sure it works with my DVD burner before I pay for an upgrade, but have some problems. I successfully created a Custom Configuration for this drive (with Memorex 8x DVD-R media) and have been able to do a verified backup to DVD. However since then I've had a few issues on different occasions: 1. While doing an incremetal backup, after filling a DVD-R disk and asking for a new one, it failed with this error: Device trouble: "2-thor-files", error -103 (unexpected beginning of media) This happened several times with 3 other blank disks. I finally did a reboot, deleted the custom configuration and created a new one before I could complete a successful incremental backup. 2. While doing another incremental backup, where only about 500 MB of the DVD-R has been used, I got the following error: Trouble writing: "1-thor-devtools" (646971392), error -101 (improper request) Then Retro asked for a new #2 disk., even though the first one was only partially full. I even tried to recreate the catalog to see if it would continue to use disk 1, but it wouldn't. So why am I getting these errors. Is Retrospect unreliable with my drive or is it being finicky about media? I don't want to pay for the upgrade if it's going to be unreliable. Dean
  3. I notice in the new HW compatability list for rdu3.4 that the following drive is now supported: HLDS GCC-4240N (Compaq version) This looks similar to the CDRW/DVD in my new Dell Inspiron 8200, which shows up in Retrospect as: Vendor: HL-DT-SD Product: RW/DVD GCC-4240N Version: D110 Driver: Hitachi-LG CD-RW (1.54) So is the support really unique to Compaq, or is it the same as my drive, which means it's now supported on my Inspiron as well (Retro 6 has not worked previously on my drive)? What's so special about the Compaq version? Dean Wette
  4. I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 8200 with a Hitachi-LG GCC-4240N DVD/CDRW combo drive (HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4240N). I'm real disappointed to find I can't use it with Retrospect Pro after spending $50 to upgrade. I keep getting -100, -205, and -206 errors, and tried different brand media and creating a custom configuration. Sometimes it works, but I have two partitions that I've never been able to back up. I've been a Retrospect user since Mac v1.0 and hate to think I now have to find something else. I also have a QPS 16/10/40 external Firewire (Yamaha CDRW) that had some problems with -102 errors on backup verification on the same Dell. Is Dantz going to support the Hitachi anytime soon? If t's in my Dell I'm sure it's in many other new ones shipping now.