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  1. Hi everyone. Our shop was using Retrospect 7.06 for a long time. Before my time, they used CD-RW media, and then DVD-RW soon after. We've gone through a few optical drives since I've started. I've been able to successfully replace the drives thus far. We just lost yet another drive, I decided we needed to upgrade anyway. New machine, Win 7, upgraded Retrospect to 8.1. New optical drive, not listed as supported, but configured fine with the media. Though, we no longer have blank media for the CD-RW. It did fine with another branded media. It reads and writes the DVD-RW discs fine, but it won't retrieve from our catalogued CD-RW sets. Sees the files, gets an EOF 105 error. I am not sure what drive or version of Retrospect was used to burn these initially. This error doesn't really surprise me, the discs are quite old, and the drive is new. I'm looking for the best way to proceed to try to access that data. Suggested drives or actions would be welcome. Thank you.