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    Incorrect tapes names and possible overwriting tapes

    Hey, Yeah I've already done that and it just thought they were cleaning tapes again... Maybe the TL200 is dusty and needs a physical clean? Q
  2. James Quintin

    Incorrect tapes names and possible overwriting tapes

    Thanks for the reply, The tape in the drive is actually the one that Restrospect wants (Barcode ending 24L), but is showing as from a different backup set! Most odd. Its showing 1-PMI Backup Set in the library, but not the other two as its misread the one in the drive, and thinks 3-PMI backup is on same tape as 24L Is it worth uninstalling and reinstalling retrospect? I can't afford to upgrade to the latest version (£900!) Cheers JQ
  3. Hi all, I have a Dell TL2000 attached to my server using Retrospect 11. Its been fine for years but has started to show some odd behaviour. The TL2000 is set to do the cleaning automatically, so Retrospect shouldn't even ask, but for soem reason retrospect is showing that three of the tapes in the library are cleaning tapes! When they move to the drive it can see them for what they really are. The other problem is that retrospect seems to have used one tape twice... I started a new backup set for some data and the first tape was fine, second tape was fine, but it seems to have re-used the second tape as the third tape in the backup set! They are all barcoded, so I don't know whats going on. I've attached a screen grab. Has retrospect wiped the second tape...? Thanks! James
  4. Hi All, I've been using Retrospect with a stand alone LTO 4 drive on my desktop and backing up to tapes. All working fine. I work in TV so all of my individual projects are on a server in their own shares, and I connect to that folder as a network drive (just so you know all my backups are per share) I've now got myself a Dell TL2000 tape library with an LTO 5 drive and barcode scanning. I've put 5 new LTO 5 tapes with barcodes in and its all working niceley backing up my new network shares. I've only used it for new projects that weren't backed up by the old system. Is it possible to add some of the old archives to the new tape library? Ie i have some ongoing work that's backed up, but I'd like to put the last tape of the old backup into my new library (with a new barcode) and continue backing up where it left off. Essentially, can you add a barcode to an existing tape? Probably not possible but I thought I'd throw it out there...