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  1. Hi, I’m testing out 14.5 having been away from Retrospect for a few years. One of the features I’m trying is the Slack integration. I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve installed it as described but getting no Slack messaging. When I go via the terminal I can kick it off using the command sh retroEventHandler “Start ... etc” as described. However I do need to put sh in front to make it work. No sh and no “command found” message in terminal. Is the need for sh indicative of a setup issue and therefore the Restropect Engine is failing to run it (the command instructions doen’t mention sh) or am I being a muppet? Many thanks in advance, Francis +++ Just realised after posting this that I installed file under /User/username/Lbrary ... not at the system level /Library/... . Muppet. +++++
  2. Hi, It may be me but I am finding rules very hard to fathom. What I'm Trying to Do I want to take a monthly backup of the client computers (mixed Macs and Wins) user Documents, Pictures, Movies (i.e just user docs not system ones). What I've Tried Having failed I thought I'd just concentrate on the Macs to work out what is going on. I have tried Folder Mac Path is FolderType. This backups nothing. I could do "contains" which will work but it also backs up other non user docs in deep files. Am I missing something about the rules? I could just make favourites but just feel that it is inelegant. Happy to do if I know I am barking up a wrong tree. Thanks.