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  1. I'll contact the individual who installed Retrospect on "my" server and see if he installed the open files component. (I was called in to diagnose the problem - I did not install the program originally) Randy
  2. Works fine if I remove Retrospect. W2K SP3 was put on after Retrospect - but I put it on to see if it would help the restart/shutdown problem. This was not an upgrade ... fresh install on a reasonably new server. Thanks, Amy ... I have not put Retrospect back on because my client likes the idea that the server restarts each evening.
  3. After installing Retrospect 6 on a W2K SP3 server, I can no longer shut down / restart the server. I am left with a black screen w/ a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. A hard reset is required. Anybody else have this problem? Randy