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    Thank you for this information. I'm really excited to see multi-server management, I've requested that...very nice to see.
  2. ricwash

    Migrating to new Hardware

    Yeah, we did have roaming profiles running at one point, but it was somewhat problematic to keep up. Especially for laptops. It would really be nice for when hardware fails, to be able to restore a user to another machine and that person can just walk away and keep working.
  3. ricwash

    Fix the emails to be useful

    I think I have mentioned the three email thing before. I'm glad someone has posted it. I hope it can be resolved.
  4. We are about to replace 100+ machines with new ones. Is there any way to have Retrospect move a profile from one machine to another, or restore a profile to another machine? In the past we have had the staff person log in once to a machine, then we do a restore of the profile from backup so the staff is all set wit all their settings. I'm wondering if there is a way to do this without having to require the staff person to sign on first, just click restore profile to X machine..then the person can login. Possible? Or does this need to be a feature request? Thanks, Ric
  5. ricwash

    Unattended RCU upgrading

    I soooo agree
  6. Well, I'm experiencing the pain again. Clients that have not been communicated with in a month have not been backed up and I have not received notification. So, I would like to bump this up.
  7. I would like the server to be able to email to admins that a computer/client/volume has not been backed up in XX days. We are finding that we get failures, but not emails for clients that are not ever found and therefore not backup starts. So some clients have gone days not backed up. thanks, ric
  8. ricwash

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    When will ASM customers know when/how to get their copy of 7.5? -ric
  9. Hhmmm....almost at year at this point!! I'm not excited..and I see a new version for Windows...again! -ric
  10. Sounds similiar to my request on the MacOS side of things... Multiple Retrospect Servers - Laundry List Request #32459 - 10/19/03 11:21 AM Still waiting...... -ric
  11. This feature is requested for a future release. And your support to the request in the forum "Product Suggestions - MACOS X". -ric
  12. Is there a way to script a backup and restore from computer to computer? For instance, say I want to move 108 staff from old computers to new ones. Could I use Retrospect to do this? Just the user documents and settings (win) or Users (mac). Thanks, Ric
  13. This if VERY nice to Hear....now I hope it doesn't take 2 years to come to fruition, because I think at this point 6 months would be to long. Here's hoping.. -ric Quote: Hi We are indeed aware that we can do much more to improve Retrospect for Macintosh. Larry Zulch has addressed this issue directly on the Retro talk mailing list. We are still very much committed to the Mac platform and are working hard to build new versions on par or better than Retrospect for Windows. Thanks Nate
  14. Is the Windows computer a Laptop or other with a second network card? If so, the only solution I have found is to take the Windows Retro Client down to v6.0.x. Actually, I have found that many of my rampant problems with backing up Windows Clients is to move the client to Retrospect for Windows Client 6.0.x... -Ric