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  1. thanks - thats so obvious, i can't believe i didn't spot that!
  2. I'm trying to only backup a few folders within specific user folders on around 9 client machines. I'm using proactive backup with tags and have tried a number of approaches. So far i'm getting 0 files copies. My source for the script is the clients user folder - each one is made a favourite in the sources area I've tried rules like the ones below, but neither is working so far (see attached images too): Folder - Mac Path - Contains : Documents' - 0 files copied Folder - Name - Contains : Documents' - 0 files copied If anyone can help with this i'd be very grateful - i've attached images of the rules i've tried and an example of the favourite folders showing its location (standard - Macintosh HD/Users/[username]). The scripts are running fine - i'm just getting 0 files copied
  3. thats good to know - though a bit rubbish that it doesnt show you exactly whats going on. Begs the question - if the console is looking at the engine and it isn't showing exactly whats happening right now, then what exactly is it looking at. Lots of things look at other things, like web browsers looking at servers, its normally pretty simple to show exactly whats going on at this second, unless there's a load of caching or just some random crapness happening....
  4. once everything started running they appeared. It was a bit disconcerting that the activities panel was empty to start off with. Since retrospect allows a schedule for proactive backups it seemed likely that they should appear in the activity schedule tab
  5. I've just created a number of Proactive backups which have daily scheduled times. Nothing shows up in the 'Next Activity' column within 'Scripts' or within the 'Activities' area Everything is set to run - i'm pretty sure that i've done this in the past and everything ran fine, but why don't I see the future schedule. See the attached images.
  6. i've moved from retrospect 9 - 10 and now a number of scripts are not active. Do i need to update all my clients from 9 - 10 on the 7 computers im backing up thanks