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  1. I dont need the older versions of files actually my company has the common drive for different dept. we need to backup /duplicate the same thing on different server so that we can used it any time instantly.
  2. I am using Retrospect Version Multiserver 7.6.123 when i perform to multiple duplication script (2 or 3 at a time ) to different volume of NAS Storage. Execution is not moving after some time. means its not stopping not moving or duplicating. i can access the menu bar of retrospect software. Kindly suggest solution
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    Unknown Windows OS 305

    Thanks for the Help ....Lennart
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    Unknown Windows OS 305

    Retrospect version is 7.6 OS Version source system has windows server 2008 and destination system has Windows Server 2012 Hardware is 1TB WD sata drive plugin the system Steps are one i add the source System then add the destination system then i make duplicate script on source system (system has retrospect Backup Software installed) where add the source media set with particular folder then i add the destination media set with particular folder. then execution the backup problem: in during backup execution the when software copying the file.the execution is incomplete error occur. when i see log the above mention error where in the log.
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    Unknown Windows OS 305

    The destination has multiple drive ...where backup stores....the partition is on basic and has capicty of 1 TB.
  6. I am facing the problem.............the backup client execution failed. following is the error T-18: Maperror: unknown Windows OS 305 T-18: TPC File :: SetShortName: UsetFileShortName failed, D:\folder1\Folder1a, Winerr 305, Error -1001. at end Trouble Writing files, error -557 (transaction already completed) Kindly give solution my backup didnt work.............some are working but some are not working..... Note: Source is Windows Server 2008 Destination is Windows Server 2012.