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  1. Hi, thanks for trying to help. I've been receiving e-mail support from Retrospect, but it's not very responsive. They seem to take days every time I respond to follow up...
  2. We're on Retrospect 15.1 - but there still seems to be a check-box for fast catalog rebuild. I guess it doesn't do anything? Sounds like I won't be able to read the data on my 5 tapes then. Whenever I try and add them to my working catalog as a repair I end up with a catalog that can't be searched. I thought that the corruption was from the fast catalog rebuild I guess it must be something else instead. I'll try your suggestion, but I fear I will just end up with another unsearchable catalog. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I have a corrupted catalog that I've managed to recover 5 tapes short of complete. When I try and repair the set from the last tape I end up with a catalog that can't be searched. I surmise that the catalog on the tapes used by the Fast Catalog rebuild must be corrupt. I thought I could perhaps read the tapes and create a fresh catalog - but every time I try and disable Fast Catalog rebuild it turns itself back on. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Thanks!