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  1. It is taking 30 plus minutes to backup my netscape inbox which only has about 300 MB in it. Retrospect shows that it is backing up 2.1 GB at an averaqe transfer rate of about 76 MB/minute. I am using a brand new USB 2.0 card and the Maxtor 200 GB drive. Windows 98 SE Thanks for any help/advise you can give me, Stan
  2. vegstan

    Error 246 while Backing up

    Can anyone help me please? Thank you. Stan
  3. vegstan

    Error 246 while Backing up

    The partition that I am backing uo is only 1.17GB. What else could be happining? Thanks, Stan
  4. vegstan

    Error 246 while Backing up

    I am backing up to a file and the Maxtor is formated as FAT 32. Thanks for your help! Stan
  5. vegstan

    Error 246 while Backing up

    Can anyone tell me why, using 6.5 I get Trouble writing: "6-5 E on Maxtor" (4190145024), error -246 (reached file size limit)? This is a Backup operation from an internal 1.17GB partition to a 40 GB Maxtor. Thank you, Stan
  6. Dear Ami, You are VERY SMART! I ran SCAN DISK and it found some folder size errors which I had it correct. EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW! To whom can I write to praise your diagnostic skills and patience? Best and many, many thanks, Stan
  7. Ami, There are not extra partitions on my Maxtor. Explorer reports 72,599,044,096 free on Maxtor. I tried BACKING up to my Drive which had just about enough space. That worked. What did you mean when you said "These results would indicate a full disk backup, rather then an incremental." I thought that the only way to do a "full" after the first time would be to check "Recycle", which I did not. I know that you said to reformat my Maxtor, but I am a little squimish about doing that. Any other ideas? Many thanks in advance, Stan
  8. Dear amy, Here is what it says : Disk1_vol1 (C:) 14636 files 1.3 GB (97%) Total 14636 files 1.3 GB (97%) Thanks for your help. Stange one, huh? Stan
  9. Dear Amy, Perhaps you are on vacation. But just in case my reply to your last request got by you please see my last post. I do badly need to backup my C drive. Thanks, Stan
  10. Dear Amy, It is listed as a "File backup set". And the Maxtor is indeed a FAT32 disk as confirmed by Windows Explorer. Thank you for your perseverence in looking into my problem. Stan
  11. Amy, The backup set on the Maxtor is 1.38 GB. Thanks for your help, Stan
  12. My 80 GB Maxtor is formated for FAT32. Can anyone from Retrospect shed some light on what is happening please. Thanks, Stan
  13. vegstan

    Creating ISO disk

    That worked perfectly! Thank you! Stan
  14. I am sorry that I forgot to mention that I am indeed using Express 5.6.132. My windows 98 SE system uses FAT 32. Regarding your mention of a 2 GB limit, I though that the limit was 4 GB. Which is it? Many thanks, Stan