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    Comprehensive User Guide (Mac v10)

    Congratulations on going private. And thanks for the insight on the upcoming docs. I look forward to getting them in hand. With the ever increasing popularity of all things Apple I'd think you could have a gold mine at your doorstep. Provided of course the new organization can deliver what's needed. For what it's worth, I'm a semi-retired 15 year US software exec living in SE Asia for the last 10 years. I helped several of the best of breed solution providers start and grow their business in this region and would be more than happy to chat with your leadership team about ways to help grow the business here and reduce some of those localization efforts. If it is of interest of course. Truth be told, it's a good thing your out from under the big acronyms. I actually turned down a couple offs to join them over the years. Thankfully. Good luck.
  2. Forgive me folks if I have missed a news flash or bulletin somewhere but I'm a bit baffled. How is it possible that with all the resources at EMC's disposal that there isn't a comprehensive (read into it, CURRENT UPDATED) User guide for Mac v10? Is it really possible the only things that have changed since 8 or 9 is covered in the 10 addendum? I've been through the videos, have read the guide for 8 and it seems extremely outdated and quite honestly completely out of order. Would it really be so hard to create a step-by-step user guide in a proper sequence? If there is a cook book or best practice recipe guide available please let me know. I promise, I'll RTFM but if the v8.2 user guide is all there is to go on... I may be asking for my money back.