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  1. Finally a thread on this! I am now running into a big problem where this plays out... I have 26 DVD-R's I need to retrieve to an older iMac DV SE using a Matshita DVD-ROM SR 8184. These were burned on my 04 PB G4 Superdrive. Now my PB is out of commission for a week or so because of a bad HD and I need the data bad for a major project. Retrospect should rethink this and make an update or stand alone program that could read these disks for customers like us who don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for another piece of hardware that may only be used for a couple days. just my two.5 cents Scott
  2. Thanks for the info, I'll keep my eye out for the update.
  3. I have been running Backup Desktop version 5.0 since it came out on OS X.1 and have had no trouble at all. I have since upgraded to OS X.2 (Jaguar). I've created a new backup set and when I insert erased media Retrospect tries to erase the media to prepare for backup and after a couple minutes it comes back with the following error "Couldn't erase disk, error 205 (lost access to stroage medium)". No matter how many different DVD-RAM cartridges I try, this happens. Existing storage sets seem to run ok at this time.