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  1. Does the problem ever happen: - when using Retrospect running only 1 duplicate script? - when using Windows Explorer to simultaneously copy 3 very large files (i.e. having 3 Explorer progress bars showing at the same time)?
  2. David W Lee

    How to set up email preferences with Gmail

    Gmail normally requires SSL, which is now supported in Retrospect 8.1
  3. David W Lee

    Store Windows machines data in a MAC machine

    If none of the backup sources running server-level OS, you can use "Retrospect Desktop app 5 desktop/laptop clients, MAC 10". If you intend to remotely backup from client computers running Windows Server, or locally backup from the Mac running OS X Server, you would instead use "Retrospect Single Server app 20 desktop/laptop clients, MAC 10".
  4. David W Lee

    E-mail Notification Not Working in 8.1

    Please contact Support so that we can investigate your case. Otherwise, please share info about: - Outgoing mail server - Whether it requires authentication Thank you.
  5. To see the normally hidden Advanced tab and the Instant Scan setting, first quit System Preferences, then reopen it, and hold down the Command key while clicking Retrospect Client. We will update the documentation and/or knowledge base periodically as needed. Just a sanity check: Does quitting System Preferences, reopening it and then the Retrospect prefpane shows the new 10.1? If not, please check if /Library/PreferencePanes/Retrospect.prefPane has the expected date of March 6, 2013. If it doesn't, closing System Preferences and reinstalling the package would be necessary. We are also investigating the installation issue you reported. No. On the Client machine, please used the Advanced tab as mentioned above to enable/disable Instant Scan.
  6. David W Lee

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    For quickly checking the baseline performance, you can try uncompressed backup to a new backup set from a subvolume containing very small number of large files, say 2 GB each, while turning off verification. If that is closer to the faster backup speed you used to see, the more recent slow down may be due to larger number of smaller files which take longer to back up. If the baseline test yields similar speed as your recent slower backups, then the slow down may be due to environmental factors: e.g. Internet security software/hardware, WiFi signal interference, etc. Another consideration is whether the still-fast local backup and now-slower client backup use the same backup set, or at least different backup sets on the same disk volume, for narrowing down cause(s) of slower backup.
  7. David W Lee

    Disaster Recovery Drivers II

    Just now I have responded via your original thread here.
  8. David W Lee

    Disaster Recovery Drivers

    The Retrospect Emergency Recovery Disc boots WinPE, which loads installed drivers automatically, like Windows does. If you use the Retrospect app to "Load drivers for network or storage adapters" (link to user guide), it invokes WinPE tools to have WinPE load the .inf you specified, and the related driver files referenced by the .inf. All these occur on a RAM disk (X:) created by WinPE from the .wim file located in the SOURCES folder. The RAM disk WinPE is running from is discarded when WinPE shuts down. Installed drivers are under X:\Windows\System32\Drivers. They include: - drivers built into WinPE - drivers installed into the .wim file when creating the Retrospect Emergency Recovery Disc - drivers temporarily loaded by WinPE tools invoked by Retrospect app to "Load drivers for network or storage adapters" (such drivers are "forgotten" when WinPE shuts down because they are not installed into the .wim file)
  9. If you have enabled Open File Backup in Retrospect (to use Windows VSS), I would expect the .ost files to be excluded, because by default VSS exclude/hide the .ost files from the VSS shadow which Retrospect Open File Backup is backing up from. If you have disabled Open File Backup, it would be best to exit Outlook to reduce the risk of the .ost files not being in a consistent state for backup.
  10. David W Lee

    Restore from DR Disk to RAID 1

    When creating the Retrospect Emergency Recovery Disc, you would want to test if its built-in drivers allow Retrospect to see your RAID. If not, you can add your RAID drivers. More specifics are in the user guide and this forum thread.
  11. David W Lee

    Windows 7 activation after restore

    If the network issue is related to static IP address, here is a related KB article. If the issue is missing network driver and you have the driver cab file, here is the online user guide to add drivers when creating the Retrospect Emergency Recovery Disc.
  12. David W Lee

    How to set up webdav as a backup destination

    The user guide is now online at: http://retrospect.com/documentation/user_guide/win8 We will update it periodically as needed.
  13. David W Lee

    Manual for Retrospect Pro 8 for Windows

    The user guide is now online at: http://retrospect.com/documentation/user_guide/win8 We will be updating it periodically as needed.
  14. David W Lee

    Retrospect 8 client - No backup in 41400 days

    We have made related fixes in the 8.1 Retrospect Client for Windows.
  15. David W Lee

    Change browser

    Retrospect uses the browser command line specified at this registry key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\htmlfile\shell\open\command
  16. David W Lee

    Error -1017 Can't write security information

    A few questions: - Is Retrospect running on the XP machine or the Win7 machine? - Is the other machine's drive accessed via a Windows-mapped drive or UNC path? - Do the source XP drive and destination Win7 external drive both have the same file system (FAT32 vs. NTFS)? File security information don't carry over across computers with different user accounts and different User Security Identifiers. In those cases you probably only care about file contents and not file security information. Retrospect duplicate script can enable/disable "Duplicate file security information from XXX" options. Also see this KB article about avoiding error -1017.
  17. David W Lee

    Editshare Volumes not appearing in Retrospect

    If Windows Explorer can access an SMB network share, Retrospect should be able to via its left pane > Configure > Volumes > My Network... > Advanced... > enter the UNC path in the form \\server\volume
  18. David W Lee

    8.1 update

    Thanks for the comment. We will look into improving this.
  19. David W Lee

    Deduplication 7.7 vs. 8(.1)

    That shouldn't be the case. Here are the backup script options to ignore ACL and location when Retrospect determines if a file has been changed or not.
  20. Lennart is right again. Retrospect's file-level de-duplication is included with no extra license, software or hardware cost. The feature is available when backing up single or multiple sources to the same backup set. Buying "Retrospect Multi Server app unlimited clients, WIN 8" is cheaper than buying "Retrospect Single Server app unlimited desktop/laptop clients, WIN 8" + 5 x "Retrospect Server Client 1-Pack, MAC 10".
  21. David W Lee

    10.1 is out

    In the context of Retrospect it is correct: The BootCamp partition is reported by a Retrospect Client or by the Retrospect Engine computer running Mac OS X.
  22. We have checked again and Instant Scan (RetroISA) stays enabled/disabled as expected after restarting the Mac. amkassir, we will follow up with you via your existing support ticket on the installation issue.
  23. David W Lee

    Mac Retro 902/Client 902: Lost Client

    When clicking the Client's menu bar icon, its popup menu appears with the first item describing its status. - For gray exclamation, the status text would show "Ready for Retrospect login". - For black exclamation, the status text can be "No backup in X days", or other less likely status. The status text is also shown in the Retrospect Client preference pane's Status tab, next to the On/Off button. What status text do you see? There is a tech note on troubleshooting error -519: http://kb.retrospect.com/articles/en_US/Retrospect_Article/Tech-Note-415-troubleshooting-error-519/?q=-519&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1
  24. Please delete the /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetroISAScans folder and restart Instant Scan by either: - Using launchctl from Terminal sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.retrospect.retroisa.plist sudo launchctl oad /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.retrospect.retroisa.plist - Restart the Mac
  25. David W Lee

    newbie - Lowering CPU usage?

    We indeed have been tuning performance of Instant Scan (beyond the pre-release version) on our day-to-day production Windows PCs and Macs. Will share more specifics very soon. In addition to performance improvements, the upcoming version also makes it easier to disable/enable Instant Scan using the Retrospect UI.