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    Is retrospect 'Fragile'???

    Though I have to agree that I haven't found any controls for things like "retries", it is my experience that Retrospect DOES perform them, and absolutely does continue on with the remainder of the backup routine after a particular SERIES of failed attempts for a particular item in the script. I've actually watched it do this. Kinda like watching a clothes dryer in action, but I was actually watching for another reason when I noticed the progress window show that Retrospect was trying to get a particular file again. (Don't ask me what it actually said or did. I don't make a habit of staring at progress bars so I don't recall if it was a text thing, or some other. I all remember is making a mental note that it DOES make a couple of attempts before moving on to the next item in the script.) I've never seen it shut down a backup routine completely. So I can't speak to that one at all. One question does come to mind though. If you know you have a computer reporting disk errors, why hasn't that disk been replaced yet? If not taken care of soon, a lack of tape backup could possibly be the least of your concerns about it. And if you can't get it onto tape in preparation for replacment, don't wait for the tape. Just start copying to another drive and pitch that bad boy out a window, I'd say. (My 2 farthings, FWIW.) Have a great one, Derick
  2. CW_NS

    Write protected?

    AMY!!!!! Don't leave me hanging like that! Just as I was getting into the story, you leave it with a cliff-hanger. I was really looking forward to seeing how it turned out - turned to the last page looking forward to what I thought was going to be Chapter 9, then, POOF!!!!!, there was no more. Will there be a sequel? A "part II"? I'd even settle for an epilogue! To get a reader so involved in the story, to delve into detail and character development to such a degree, and then just walk away from the story, well, that's just not right. I was just getting to like that quirky "SCSI" character. :-) ------------------ But seriously, thanks for your info. I've already pretty much decided that since everything else is working quite well, the likelyhood is that it was just a couple of bad tapes since the only problem was with that one tape on two separate occasions, and one other tape that only got one oportunity to give me grief. The rest are doing just what is expected of them. Thanks again, Derick
  3. CW_NS

    Write protected?

    Hi Amy. Thanks much for your reply. Actually the "Write Protect" lamp on the front of the drive unit was un-lit. It does light up appropriately when the "write protect" switch is engaged on the tape itself, but otherwise displays the same as with any other tape. It is only within retrospect software that the tape reads "w-p", and can't be erased or used for a new backup. Strange. We just ran a cleaner tape through the DLT1 the day before, and this was the second time this tape has come up in the rotation and both times showed the same thing. (And come to think of it, there was one other tape that did the same thing, but it was set aside and another used in its place with success. I've certainly used a different tape for that set since. But I was just wondering where I might have missed something. Since DLT tapes surely aren't free, I was hoping it wasn't a bad tape! :-) Not as good a prospect as just missing some menu item in Retrospect, but way better than it being a bum drive or a need to re-install the OS, etc... And since they're new tapes, maybe we can get something back for them on a return. (Minus the 135% restocking fee, of course!!!!!) :-) Thanks again. Much appreciated. Derick
  4. Greetings everyone. New here. We've been using Retrospect for a while now, version 5.15 on an NT4 SP6a server. Things are going great. Well, that is up until recently. Last month we changed out our DLT to a new Quantum DLT1. Again, most everything works great. Strange thing though; out of a tape rotation using 12 total tapes, one of them keeps getting recognized by Retro as "write protected" in spite of the fact that the "enabler" on the back of the DLT tape is absolutely in the "enabled" position just like every other tape. I wondered if maybe there was a software "write protect" somewhere that I am missing, but don't see any such thing anywhere. Am I really missing something basic here? Maybe a bad tape? Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Any and all greatly appreciated. TIA Derick