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  1. HarperCollins

    A Different Error...

    List? What list? Where?
  2. HarperCollins

    A Different Error...

    Thanks Robin! We are backing up to a Win 2003 file server as the destination. Our biggest issue is with authentication. It just will not work consistently.
  3. Hi gang! We are still trying to resolve this whole Retrospect 6.1.230, Leopard and Active Directory quagmire, believe it or not. We are seeing a new error ever since we updated to 10.5.5. "Can't access volume. Error -5019 (server: feature not supported)." Anyone know what exactly this error means? What feature? We haven't done anything different. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Can some one please tell me what the following error means or is... Scanning incomplete. Error -127 (Volume Corrupt?) We are using Retrospect 5.0.201 on Macs using OS 9.2.2. Thanks! mm
  5. HarperCollins

    Retro Log Error

    Oops! I just realized I posted this issue in the wrong tab. SORRY! : )
  6. Hello! Can some one please tell me what the following error means or is... Scanning incomplete. Error -127 (Volume Corrupt?) We are using Retrospect 5.0.201 on Macs using OS 9.2.2. Thanks! mm
  7. HarperCollins

    Launch and Shutdown Prompt

    AmyC... Are we talking about the same product here?! Retrospect for Mac. 5.0.201. OS 9.x.x. In Retrospect 5.0.201, Special Tab/Preferences/Notification, you can place a check in "Launch Option At Shutdown". This prompts users to either shut down their Mac or launch Retrospect. Then if you select Special Tab/Preferences/Unattended, you can have Retrospect shut down your Mac when the scripts are complete. Right?! mm
  8. Hello! Can someone give me some hints/clues/tips as to why when a user on OS 9.x.x shuts their Mac down, the prompt to "Shut Down / Launch" Retrospect 5 periodically does not appear? It's like hit or miss. We have our scripts (Duplicates) scheduled for backup everynight. Thanks! mm
  9. HarperCollins

    "Your Computer Did Not..."

    Hi! Me again! Just checking to see if anyone had an answer to this. Hopefully with this topic at the top someone can check it out for us! Thanks! mm
  10. Hello! Well, everything so far seems to be running fine with the setup and config of Retrospect Desktop Backup 5.0. We are experiencing a weird one here. Hope someone can help. It seems that when we go to shut down our Mac G4/800 with 9.2.2, and click on the "Launch" button on the Retrospect screen that makes us aware that there is a scheduled backup: the next time we boot the Mac, we get the error that the computer did not shut down properly and check disk will run to make sure.... yada yada yada, I'm sure you know the rest. I know how to turn this off within the Mac OS but is there a reason why this is happening?!? Thanks! mm
  11. HarperCollins

    Deleting Sub Directories

    Well, first of all keep in mind that were backing up Macs, not PC's. You can't make a file invisible on the Mac like you can on the PC. You can LOCK the file?! Which is what I just tested after thinking about what you guys just said, without changing any of the other settings within Retrospect Server for Windows, and guess what... IT WORKED! Subfolders did not delete because of the locked file within the folder! It still copied the file though, but that's okay. We want it to leave the folder behind. I created a one sentence SimpleText file and locked in under "Get Info". If you know of any known issues with this, please don't hesitate to tell me, for I have millions of dollars of data that I have to move using Retrospect if we do infact go with the product (which at this point I don't see why not since it's done everything we've asked it too!). Thanks for this one! Marc
  12. Hello! Can anyone tell me if Retrospect has what OS 9 uses as a control panel for OS X. We have Retrospect Server for Windows backing up our creative departments Macs and since OS X is right around the corner we wanted to test Retrospect Server for Windows with an OS X workstation. Is there something somewhere we could download as a trial for OS X? Thanks! Marc
  13. HarperCollins

    Deleting Sub Directories

    WOW! Thank you Steve! We are so far really happy with what Retrospect has been able to do for us here at Harper especially with backin' up our creative departments Macs the Retropects server Windows version. Definitely let me know. I knew there had to be a way of doing this! Just how was the question! Thanks again! Marc
  14. HarperCollins

    Disconnect Message to Macs

    What's up, still no clue?!? m
  15. HarperCollins

    Deleting Sub Directories

    Still no answer huh?! m