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  1. (1) Is it possible to build a disaster recovery CD or DVD for Retrospect 7.7.620 running on Windows 8 32-bit server with Win 8 clients? If so, how? (2) Is there a different, more robust process for disaster recovery preparation with Retrospect 8 which justifies upgrading? (3) I need to access an external drive attached to a PC over the network to obtain backup set for bare metal restores. Do I have to add drivers to the recovery disk? [Edit] Since original post, I reviewed docs at http://www.retrospect.com/en/support , but I am still confused. It says for R7.7 I will need to download Windows AIK to create the recovery CD. But is the Win 7 / Server 2008 AIK compatible w Windows 8? It appears that ADK replaces AIK for Win 8. Does R8.0 handle that correctly? Running R7.7.620 on Win 8, the Backup>Disaster Recovery window Prepare for Disaster Recovery provided the link "Download the Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD Image" with no mention of AIK and no mention of selecting a backup set. I downloaded the exe, ran it to create the iso image, and burned the iso to CD (without downloading AIK or ADK). Booting from that CD left me at a hung X window with command prompt for wpeinit (not the Restore Your Computer home screen). I escaped out of there and feel lucky I did not destroy the Win 8 installation I used for testing.
  2. Have you tried Run as Administrator from shortcut or executable context menu? Both my shortcut and the executable icon display a small shield, indicating RaA. When I start Retro 7.7 (have not tried 8.0) I get the usual UAC popup but then it runs without a problem. Due to my UAC security settings,the popup occurs even though my own account has administrator privelages.
  3. MarkF2748

    Retrospect Pro for Windows 8?

    Update: When wireless router broadcasts with unhidden SSID, the pc reconnects immediately upon wakeup from sleep (by tapping keyboard), even with USB and network card set for max power save during sleep.
  4. MarkF2748

    Retrospect Pro for Windows 8?

    Yes, but from Colin's report above, it is possible that the same issue may apply to wired networks (I cannot test a wired scenario). BTW, I easily changed the WUSB54G from WEP to WPA+AES using the current Win 8 driver (WPA2 does not appear as an option for the WUSB54G Ver. 1). So with broadcasting unhidden SSID and a strong encryption password we are good to go here, at least until a cost effective WPA2 adapter is reported to work with Win 8 :<) Aside: In Win 7, when router broadcasts with hidden SSID the SSID is nevertheless visible to the end user for selection, or the connection can be made automatically based on order in the user-managed network list. In Win 8 when router broadcasts with hidden SSID the network is invisible in the charms GUI and there is no user-managed network list. The Win 8 user must know this network's SSID as well as key and enter them manually each time to connect. A checkbox option to connect automatically to a network with hidden SSID is available but seems to be functionally broken (at least with my router). On the other hand, if network broadcasts unhidden SSID it appears explicitely in the Win 8 charms GUI and user only needs to select the SSID from list and enter the key. In this case selecting automatic connection indeed assures that future connections are made without user intervention.
  5. MarkF2748

    Retrospect Pro for Windows 8?

    Further investigation with my Linksys-Cisco WUSB54G Ver.1 wireless USB network adapter (driver wusb20xp.sys Ver. 1.0.8 (2004)) using WEP security and Windows 8 Pro (Ver. 6.2.9200 Build 9200): When router broadcasts with SSID hidden there is no automatic connection to the wireless network by Win 8. I must log into my user account and then manually log into the network (enter SSID and WEP key), after which the connection survives until the next reboot. When router broadcasts unhidden i.e. visible SSID, then the Win 8 pc automatically connects to network as desired with no user interaction (after key has been entered once and set for automatic connection). As a further test of router broadcasting with hidden SSID, I rebooted pc and let it sit at the login prompt (no user intervention). Another pc tries to ping it, but ping fails. I then change the router to broadcast with unhidden SSID. The pc immediately responds to ping. I never had these issues with the same network and hardware running Win 7 and router always broadcasting with hidden SSID. Others report this issue, for example at http://social.techne...a9-c59edf9f69ef where I also just posted my experience.
  6. MarkF2748

    Retrospect Pro for Windows 8?

    Colin, As a basic sanity check, have you tried to ping the Win 8 client from a command prompt, view it on a network map, or look for it with "net view", just to determine whether the machine is visible on the network, independent of Retrospect? If a client fails the ping test, then Retrospect never sees it and errors out on backing up that client. The visibility to Retrospect can also be checked with Retrospect > Clients > Properties > Volumes. I find that my Win 8 Pro installation does not auto-connect to the network and does not remember a default network name and password. I must fill these in manually each time I first log into my user account to establish network connectivity. This annoyance could be due to an old driver for my wireless USB adapter (6-year-old Linksys WUSB54G) on the desktop. In general, there is a lack of guaranteed wireless USB adapters/drivers for Win 8 at this time. Also, MS is reported to have made substantial changes to the networking components under the hood, so there may be some bugs lurking. Once I log in, everything is fine and the connection survives sleep/wake up as long as power save is disabled for the adapter.
  7. MarkF2748

    Retrospect Pro for Windows 8?

    Win 8 host data point: I've been running Retrospect 7.7 host on a Win 7 32-bit PC. When that PC was upgraded (i.e. not clean install) to Win 8 32-bit, then Retrospect continued to work as if nothing had changed (like all my other applications so far). The clients are Win 7 32-bit and 64-bit on a wireless network.
  8. MarkF2748

    Retrospect Pro for Windows 8?

    I've been using Retrospect since 2006 on a small network of Windows PCs and workstations, currently all Win 7 and Retrospect Pro 7.7. Over time, I've come to really appreciate the flexibility and power of this backup solution. Will there be a Retrospect Pro for Windows 8, especially given the new backup options built into Windows 8? Does the current Version 7.7 for Windows work on a Windows 8 host in a mixed Win 7/Win 8 client environment?