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    Yes, files backed up from an XP machine to a Retrospect server. Yes, I am trying to restore them back to the XP machine. Backups were made via Retrospect client. I am attempting the restore from the server. I am unaware of any other way to do restores. Thanks for any insights you can provide.
  2. kboyer


    I'm attemptting to do the restore from the server. Have not tried to restore local. Yes, the file was backed up from an XP machine.
  3. Getting this error when I attempt a single file restore: MapError: unknown Windows error -2,147,024,809 VssWEnumWriterMetadata: GatherWriterMetadata failed, winerr -2147024809, error -1001 Retrospect Multi Server 6 on Windows Server 2003 Attempting restore of a txt file across local area network to a Win XP Pro machine Any ideas
  4. kboyer

    Retrospect & VXA AutoPak

    The drive and the library slots that are displayed in the Environment tab of the Configure Device menu: ID 2:1 Exabyte VXA AutoPak 10x1 Version E33a Exabyte Library (1.06) ID 2:5 Ecrix VXA-1 Version 2B7B Ecrix VXA DC (1.10) (the hard drives appear at other IDs) When this happens, Retrospect has a "standard" dialog window that indicates the script completed with errors. No log entries that would indicate any problem occurred. Operating system is NT4
  5. kboyer

    Retrospect & VXA AutoPak

    Well so much for that theory. For some reason when a tape fills up, Retrospect stops and the AutoPak displays "Tape ejected". This is not the same behavior it had with the previous backup set. When a tape filled up it would simply move on. Any ideas?
  6. kboyer

    Retrospect & VXA AutoPak

    The log did not give any indication of any problems but I figured it out. The script had been set to start at 7pm and end at 6am. Since this was a new backup set, the allowed time was not long enough. Once I extended the time allowed, it worked fine. I still do not know why the AutoPak was displaying "Tapte Ejected" however - and just as curious is that the tape was not actually ejected.
  7. We've been using Retrospect 6.0 Multi Server for nearly 8 months and have been very pleased with it. Recently we purchased a new box of VXA tapes, loaded up the AutoPak with them, and edited the nightly backup script to write to a new destination (Backup Set . Since then, we've had not one complete succesful backup When I check it in the morning, Retrospect has closed the script after (some) backup has been done and the display in the AutoPak says "tape ejected". I've been through the AutoPak manual and configuration and made sure that Retrospect preferences are not set to "eject media" for any reason. Any advice, suggestions, on this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. kboyer

    Hardware/Backup Set Swap

    This should be easy but I'll be darned if I can figure it out - I probably need more coffee. For a short time, I was doing some backups to hard drive. Now I have a new tape drive and need to "edit" my backup script to do the incrementals on tape rather than hard drive. Attempting to edit the "Nightly Data Backup" script, I cannot see destination options that allow me to change it from the Backup Set that resides on the hard drive to a Backup Set that will reside on the tape drive. Do I need create a new script? If so, how can I pick up where I left off with the incrementals that will stay on the hard drive? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  9. kboyer

    New Backup Solution

    Those are the exact platforms I am currenly backing up with Retrospect (now with version 6 Multi Server). Your question is not easily answered however. The drive you need is really determined by the amount of data you are backing up, the time window you have to do it in, and recovery needs as well. Megabytes? Gigabytes? Terrabytes? I have 4 servers and 14 workstations (W2K, XP, Mac, RedHat) that require about 200GB for full backups and 20-60GB incrementals. An Exabyte VXA AutoPak 1x10 was perfect for our needs and allows some room to grow as well.
  10. kboyer

    Snapshot Performance

    Since my prior version was deleted in order to do a fresh install of v6 I'm not certain if the workstation security information was being backed up. My sense is that it was because the same snapshot took minutes to create in a test today. I noticed that this option is off by default in v6. Was it possibly on by deafult in prior versions? Thanks for the advice Amy, I only wish I had known about this long ago. My bad for not using your forums sooner.
  11. Using Retrospect v5.6 with a Windows 2000 network client, daily incremental backups with typically 300MB of data would take 2.5 hours to finish with 2.25 hours of that time to just make the snapshot. The file system contained 17GB with 130,000 files. Network is 100Mb ethernet. Is this expected performance level on the snapshot process? If this is expected, why? And are there development plans to improve this process? Is this any better in v6.x? If this is not expected performance level, what if any settings may be altered to improve performance of the snapshot creation?
  12. kboyer

    v6 Upgrade Problem

    AmyC - thank you very much. A fresh install of v6 did the trick. All clients happily added (including the linux clients!) and our first full backup is ready to run tonight. Cheers! -Ken
  13. After upgrading to v6 I am unable to successfully add clients. Attempting to add XP clients results in an immediate shutdown (quit) of Retrospect. With W2K and 98 clients, they get added occasionally but then disppear from the client list if Retrospect prematurely quits. Is there a compatibility issue with older version sof the client list? If so, how do I create a new one? On a related note, would it be wise to uninstall Retrospect altogether and do a clean install?(as opposed to an upgrade) I have an upgrade version - will it prompt me for the v5 CD or am I out of luck? Running a P3 with 512MB RAM, NT 4, and a Exabyte AutoPak 1x10 Tape Device.
  14. Greetings, I am preparing to implement a backup procedure for a small business using Retrospect v6 Multi Server and an Exabyte VXA AutoPak 10x1. We have (2) Windows file servers, (1) Red Hat server running Samba, (1) Apple G3, and 9 Windows desktops. Total drive space used is currently 200GB. While I anticipate the use of the "Progressive" backup feature, I am looking for any/all recommendations, resources (links, books, etc), advice, etc on determining the optimal backup strategy for this business. Most critical data is an image database and code. It seems apprpriate to do a full backup of everything, take this set off site, and then begin a rotation. And this is where I am at a loss for where to start - determining what the rotation should be. The requirements are not defined by management so it is up to me to "just do it". Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.