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    RetroClient stop working

    For the first problem is finally remove the retroclient.state file (/Library/preferences). Then RetroClient request a new password and i reconfigure in RetroServer...
  2. After 3 weeks working fine (3 successfully save over network), one client stop working on a MacBook. When launching RetroClient there was an error and the button keep to OFF, and no access to any preferences. The log file indicate RetroClient must have a -setpass option before been used... But i used it last week, and i have no documentation about this command tool. Config : - MacBookAir MaxOS X 10.7.x - RetroClient 6.3.029 Server : - Retrospect Console 8.2 I also have another problem, on 2 Mac client RetroClient is always OFF at start, user need to switch manually ON each time... This happens on 2 iMac. One with 10.3.9 and one with 10.6.8, with the same client RetoClient 6.3.029
  3. padorange

    "unknown mac error"

    Very short indeed. So we do not have to worry... OK. But why Retrospect report this as an error and why does it display a warning icon beside the script summary. Other save has a green icon, except one for me tha has always a warning icon (because of unknown error 20). I can understand that the OS could return an error that's is not a real one (strange but OK) but why registered this as a warning. The day we have a real warning, the problem will be hidden but the warning icon that appears every day...