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  1. Since a few days I get these errors during normal backup or during duplicate. Retro 6.5.350 german version on W2000 Professional Retro runs as "Administrator" with all rights, it happens only on local Volume C:, all other local volumes and all clients backup and/or duplicate fine. Nothing was changed on the systems, especially nothing with the users in common or "Administrator" in special. Check of the drive C did not show anything and not change anything. Free space on C is 180 MByte. The backup goes on two different external hard drives (two day rotation), the problem happens no matter on which drive. a sample (one of about 35000 for this volume during one run!!) Code: .... .... TPCFileLoc::GetInfo: UFindFirstFile failed, \\?\0:\WINNT\system32\dllcache\wamps.dll, winerr 999, error -1001 MapError: unknown Windows error 999 TPCFile::BackupReadOpen: UCreateFile failed, \\?\0:\WINNT\system32\dllcache\wamps.dll, winerr 999, error -1001 > Datei "C:\WINNT\system32\dllcache\wamps.dll": Sicherheitsinformationen k├Ânnen nicht gelesen werden, Fehler -1001 (Windows: unbekannter Fehler) MapError: unknown Windows error 999 ..... ..... And it ends up with the message the snapshot cannot be stored. Means, that backup is unusable!? Any further ideas? Thanks in advance, best regards Matthias Mansfeld
  2. MMansfeld

    Error 1012

    OK, for the FAT Volumes, this may be an explanation (however, the help says only it is mandatory for XP. That client runs NT4) FAT and NTFS are well mixed. Drive 0: 16 GB on IDE, 4 FAT partitions, 1 NTFS partition Drive 1: 4 GB on SCSI, 2 NTFS partitions (one is system partition), 1 FAT Drive 2: 2 GB on SCSI, 3 FAT partitions from good old W95 times. I would think, SCSI should make no problem as on this configuration additionally an internal CD-ROM, an external CD-ROM, an external CD-RW burner and an external streamer always ran and currently run fine I get the -1012 for _every_ volume on the client, no matter whether on SCSI/IDE/FAT/NTFS. Regards Matthias Mansfeld
  3. MMansfeld

    Error 1012

    On the NT machine where the client runs are two SCSI drives and a IDE drive with together 11 partitions, each partition a volume for Retro, about the half (including system partition) are NTFS, the other are FAT. The error message comes for each volume (NTFS and FAT) on that client. Regards Matthias Mansfeld
  4. MMansfeld

    Error 1012

    Meanwhile the situation has changed. I run now Retro 6.5.350 from a PC with Windows 2000, the above mentioned NT4 computer with open file issues is now client and I get the error 1012 for each volume on this client, no matter how much free space is on the volume, no matter whether FAT32 or NTFS. Any ideas? I'm sure there is something especially on these volumes on the NT4 machine wrong as t open file backup does not work (Error -1012) when it was the backup server and does not work (error -1012) if it's a client Open File Backup runs well for all volumes on the backup computer itself. BTW, I and Retro are godfather on both systems as "administrator" with all rights. Regards Matthias Mansfeld
  5. <sigh> don't know. This was a brand new tape whitch was written 3 times on. 1x by Veritas Backup Exec, 2x by Retro. Heads are cleaned regularely. 2 out of 10 tapes bad. That's sh*** Just imagine, I tried all again and tadaaa everthing was ok. Seems that I should on the long run drop this tape technology at all. If my SCSI NS20 drive dies, the currently available 20/40GB Travan drives ar NOT EVEN READ compatible, becaues the NS20 was the last Travan with HW compression, the newer 20/40 GB drives use SW compression. Great idea what happens if I have a fire and my hardware is destroyed. Then I can take my tapes as christmas tree decoration Meanwhile I'm a bit pi**** off by the tape mfgs. Had the same trouble with Tandberg. Had a wonderful Panther Mini and a great 30 tapes rotation scheme for restoring nearly each day from the last three years with "normal" backup SW - complete line fully discontinued. I think I will change over to my Fujitsu MO drive. Maybe needs some more media (hehe but not sooo many as with other backup sw) but the MO drive industry made their drives always fully read and mostly write compatible to older media formats. Regards Matthias
  6. I'm using Retro 6 Mulitserver on NT4 SP6a with an Seagate Travan NS20 STT20000N (SCSI) On my member 6-.... from a tape backup set I backed up a successfull first run with about 2 GB data. The next day, Retro locates and locates and locates and locates some hours until it ends up with Error 102. (nothing concerning SCSI was changed!) and requests an empty tape for member 7-, showing an empty drive. The tape 6- was still in the drive. I stopped the script, removed the tape, reinserted and tried again - same behaviour. But strange enpough, if I have no script running, just the tape in the drive, it recognizes the tape properly an, what's much more strange, it verifies fine. What's going wrong here? I don't want to waste 18 GB free on this tape and just switch to member 7-... Regards Matthias Mansfeld
  7. Question: Up to which point is it possible to test "non-destructive" the disaster recovery procedure? I don't want to check this out on my productive system..... From DR instructions: "3. Windows 2000 Setup displays a list of partitions on the computer. If you wish to modify partitions, you may do so from this screen. If the partitions are set up correctly, select the partition you are planning to restore and press Enter." This would mean I can change/create any partition I like as usual during a standard W2k setup, can "disaster recover" the system partition in this place without touching the original, old system partition? Thanks in advance, regards Matthias Mansfeld
  8. MMansfeld

    Toshiba SDR1312K

    and what about Toshiba SDR1312 "official" qualification? (with custom config it _seems_ to run well) Thanks, regards Matthias Mansfeld
  9. Is this drive currently under investigation as I cannot get a SDR1202 anymore at my distributors? Anybody good/bad experiences with custom configuration for this drive? Good chances, because earlier Toshiba models were fully supported? Are backups written by a successfully custom configured "non-supported" device flawless readable if this device becomes "officially supported" by driver update? Thanks, best Regards and merry Xmas Matthias Mansfeld PS: Are backups cross-readable between different Retro "levels" (Pro, Single server, Multi-Server)
  10. MMansfeld

    Error 1012

    Applications: No Norton Antivirus etc., I have Kaspersky AVP and tried both background checking enabled or disabled. A Fax software (FritzFAx), E-MAil Client (Pegasus), A Norton Commander Clone (Win32 software). Services, processes: Should I post a screenprint of taskmanager>processes? Would be a lot. Which kind of services/applications etc. are suspicious in that way? Disk space: C (System disk) 330MB D: Program disk where Retro resides: 300 MB free I: Where the NT pagefile resides: 2 GB free for pagefile. And I AM logged in and rund Retrospect as "Administrator" (in fact, as I'm the company, this is the only real user on this machine.....). Could this be a bug/"feature" from the trial version? Should I try to run Retrospect as service? Thanks, regards Matthias Mansfeld
  11. MMansfeld

    Error 1012

    Yes, I installed the whole Retrospect Software at once and rebooted. Meanwhile I can tell that I get the error 1012 with EVERY Volume from "My Computer",, both FAT and NTFS. Regards Matthias Mansfeld
  12. MMansfeld

    Error 1012

    Hello, I'm currently evaluating all that stuff - What means exactly/ what is the reason for: "Can't use Open File Backup option for NT_SYSTEM (C:), error -1012 (feature unsupported)" What is why unsupported and how can I backup open files on C:? System is a NT4 Workstation SP6a, C: is NTFS, I run a script manually and have admin privileges. Retrospect is Multiserver Trial with all options installed, only Exchange Agent wasn't installed (custom installation) because I have no Exchange System on my machines. Thanks, regards Matthias Mansfeld
  13. Hello, is it planned to qualify the new Fujitsu 2.3GB internal 3.5"MO drives (ATAPI or SCSI) for Retrospect 6? Thanks, regards Matthias Mansfeld