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    Suddenly backing up all data

    I have the same situation here: Running 10.7 Lion Server on a mac mini. Backing up to firewire external drive. Same script run each time (contains same backup set, media, source) No major updates on OS at server - are minor updates enough to reset the whole operation? I'm backing up two physical drives mounted in the same machine. One is the OS drive, contains only operational data. The other is a data drive, shared by clients across the network. ~700GB of data, across both drives to be backed up. We'll go for a week or two with normal operation and then have Retrospect seemingly "forget" about a backup set it's being doing without complaint. It will behave quite calmly, and proceed to start a fresh backup, as if it has never seen the data before. I have occasionally run a script to groom for damaged/ incorrect ACLs on the server Data - will this cause the data to seem "brand new" to Retrospect? That has not always been the case before a major Forgetting, but it does occur to me that this would cause trouble. suggestions? andrew