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  1. zedred

    New Forum for Retrospect 10?

    It is good to know you folk find the forum valuable. We talked about adding a new "Retrospect 10" forum but decided that a similar problem to David's would occur: questions and issues that still applied to v10 would be lost in the v9 forum, or we would have to duplicate them. The Windows forum is organized by Retrospect editions, which obviates the version problem but the Mac editions aren't so disparate. It probably makes more sense to separate these out by features but that is a fair bit of work and will need to happen over time. Hope that seems sensible, we would love to hear more suggestions about better ways to structure the forums to make things easier to find.
  2. Thanks David, it was good to read this. You've got some very insightful comments on our UI. Regarding "Locate", I think some of the confusion is that it is actually multi-use, you can either pick a catalog that doesn't exist in the list and we will add it, or pick a catalog that has moved and we will find the backup set it refers to and adjust it. ("Add" in sources did the same thing but as no one got that, we ended up having a "Locate" button there as well.) Maybe we should have kept "Rebuild" "Recreate"? That is what the Windows product and 6.0 for Mac used. We had a number of people confused about that which was what prompted the change. For your workflow of reconstructing the catalog, "Repair" really should have been the action. That you didn't go to that right away certainly says we aren't doing something right. Maybe we should keep "Repair" but when the user chooses "Rebuild" (or "Recreate"), we ask up front "Rebuild set '<selected set>' or recreate a catalog from the media set's members?" Let us know what you think. JG Heithcock, VP of Engineering, Retrospect, Inc.