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  1. Just used the Dynex cleaner, still the same thing, media ejected for no reason. I've tried the buy an older mac with OSX 10.5.8 route. Not sure what else I could do at this point, buy yet another mac?
  2. Thanks, Reads stock photo discs no problem. Don't have another drive. Will try the cleaning method next.
  3. System: iMac OSX 10.5.8 Retro: 6.1.230 Superdrive: MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-846 Method of backup: Backedup to DVD-R with superdrive, not Tapes. Backed up using a G5 with retro 5, that machine is dead, bought an older white iMac with superdrive for restore. Media brand: various Fuji, Verbatem, Memorex...etc. Trying to restore old files backed up years ago. When Retro prompts to insert the specified media, I insert the specified media, the media spins and loads for a while, then ejects itself. Inserted again, still ejects itself. What am I doing wrong? Googled a lot, searched dantz, roxio, and EMC. Retro 8 or 9 is not an option as it cannot read older storagesets. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Lennart, was hoping to skip the re-backup process as there will be TB of files to restore/re-backup. It is just frustrating that the time spent backing up all those years gone wasted when one has to back up again with newer versions. Keeping Retro 6 will not be an option as that iMac running it is acting strange lately, I am suspecting it will die on us sometime in the near future. So to use Retro 9, anyone still with old backup sets better restore as much files as we can with Retro 6, re-back up everything with Retro 9 before the last legacy hardware on earth fails. It just frustrates the heck out of us. There are still tons of software that are backward compatible regardless of hardware, we never had issues opening Illustrator 3 files with CS5.5. or Word 97 files with the newest MS Office. So I think it can be done. It's just a matter of wanting it or not by Retrospect.
  5. Read a lot on the web, it seems Retro 9 cannot read older backup sets prior to Retro 6. I hope Retrospect can come up with some updates that can fix that, or what is the purpose of backing up if files cannot be retrieved? We need a work around, we have a lot of old files that was backed up with I think Retro 4. Now in order for Retro 9 to read, we need to first convert the old backup sets to Retro 6 first, how do we do that? Thanks in advance.