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    Retro 7.7 Trial ?

    I'm glad I don't have to add an extra license for the computers, but I think I might need one to back up from one Home Media drive to the other (since neither are part of the server where Professional would be installed). Or are network drives dealt with as if they were drives attached to the computer running Retrospect? Do they count as separate computers? Thanks for your help, Cygnis! (hmm...wonder if your nick and mine have something in common) C
  2. crenshaw2112

    Trial Version Yes Or No?

    So, is it possible to run both Express HD and Professional on the same computer, or will installing Professional overwrite Express HD? Thank you! C
  3. crenshaw2112

    Retro 7.7 Trial ?

    I have a related question: I have a copy of Retrospect Express HD (I have two Iomega Home Media network drives) and am interested in purchasing Retrospect Professional to use in backing up other machines to one of those drives. Can I run both versions of Retrospect on the same server? I'd love to use Professional (+ an extra client license) to back up computers 1, 2 and 3 to Home Media drive A, then use Express HD to back up Home Media drive A to Home Media drive B...all of this running on computer #3. Would that work, or do I have to give up on Express and buy a second extra client license for Pro and run everything from Pro? (love the avatar, Robin Mayoff! Grover?) Thanks, C