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  1. Thank, Tim ! It worked after I updated the client to version 9.0.2.
  2. Hi, I have a similar problem. The sources are available or in use when I log off from the client (it seems fine when I log in the client). Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the client, and removed and add the client from the source list. What I found is that "triangles" on the left side of the server name did not appear when I logged out the client. So, I could not add sources and favorite folders. When I logged on the clients and (removed and ) add the clients in the source list, the triangular appeared and I was able to add sources, and browse folders. Retrospect : 9.0.2 on OSX Lion Client: OSX Mountain Lion Server, 6.3.029 My system is rather old, but I think it is not an issue.