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    Cant restore with .RDB files!

    THERE IS STILL NO REAL SUPPORT FROM WD RETROSPECT. I am still having the same problem with no real solutions. They want to ask what op system, or version, or some other question in hopes that you will give up and just accept the fact that this software sucks and your information is just gone forever.
  2. fedupwdantz

    Cant restore with .RDB files!

    Still no luck and its been since July 12. ANYBODY I wonder if the Dantz developers/programmers have ever read about these problems, or if they even care. It's not like they could lose their family pictures and videos!!!!
  3. fedupwdantz

    Cant restore with .RDB files!

    i am using express 6.5. the back up is stored on an external hard drive. I am trying to restore these files to a computer running xp. I did a total system restore of xp laptop with the hard drive disconnected. then reinstalled retrospect, connected the external hard drive. Like the other user explains. these are rdb files that retrospect says don't exsist. I have tried everything that is listed on this thread so far with no luck. even copied the files directly to the xp laptop. There are two different folders with rdb files one is Backup Set C, the other labeles Sunday A. About to lose my head.
  4. fedupwdantz

    Cant restore with .RDB files!

    Someone needs to finish this. What happened? I tried everything and still cannot open rdb files. I am about to lose my freakin mind. Thanks retrospect.