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  1. Buongiorno, I have not disabled the service roof but modified its startup from boot to system
  2. The new version of Retrospect (rel. 7) resolve the problem? Many thanks
  3. Yes, the file system is NTFS. My computer is attached with ethernet 10/100
  4. The error in the log file is: Can't use open file backup option for (name file), error -1012 (feature unsupported).
  5. The modify of the registry permit the start of operating system without error but the open file backup not run. The problem not has solution (at the moment). I inform you for news. Bye
  6. Ok, I check the log file and inform you. You have the news for future update to resolve this problem?
  7. You are very kind! The open file backup work correctly, but, with a verify of Panda support, if I change (in the registry) the start of the roff service, the operating system run. The question is: the service roof run corretly with the change?
  8. the operating system run if uninstall the client. Thanks
  9. When I install Retrospect Client 6.5.136 on a windows Nt 4 server with Panda Administrator sentinel installed, the operating system at reboot (after logon screen) go on crash with blue screen and the system reboot. have you a solution?