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  1. it is asking for admin password so I am assuming it does have rights to install the retroclient.state. I also ran disk permissions as well Good thinking about the client installer. All the other clients I have done so far have been upgrading via the .rcu file. I'll re-download the installer and see if that works. Thanks for the help!
  2. just did a clean install of Retrospect (computer was wiped and a fresh copy of Yosemite was installed and updated). The client will not turn on at all. I have removed everything and tried reinstalls several times on 2 different profiles on the machine. I used the removal tool as well as doing it manually (deleting all preferences, etc). Nothing is working at all. One thing to note: I noticed when removing the app manually that there is no "retroclient.state" in the library/preferences folder. I am new to Retro 12 (upgraded from 9), so I didn't know if that was still being used or not. Any suggestions on where to go next?
  3. I will give it a shot, but not holding my breath. Here is lists night backup. Copying 7.9MB. which took about 29 min (with scanning). Then the snapshot took only 8 hours.. http://i49.tinypic.com/5zp7i1.png
  4. The server has 8.91GB and 111,000 files. it's an xServe 3,1. it has 2x RAID 1, drives. it's being backed up to a single drive.
  5. I am getting the exact same thing for one of 3 servers. All Macs. My first one takes about 20-30 min for backup and snapshot. The second one, takes about an hour for scanning and backup, then snapshot takes about 3-5 hours. Both machines are xServes (first one running 10.4 and the other 10.6). I doubt this has to do with the Registry/Windows.