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  1. dittberner@dbr3.de

    How fast are your network backups?

    Hi David, of course, I will not tell the name of the other product, because it's really not fair to Retrospect. The other product is not comparable (much more expensive and other functions). My intention was to get some data from other users with the same hardware level to compare. But the virtualisation is not the bottleneck, we got the same speed with hardware machines.The use of shared volumes is not always possible, because of open files or security reasons. May be Retrospect 15 is the answer. I hope I have some time to test the software. Kai
  2. dittberner@dbr3.de

    How fast are your network backups?

    Hi David, I just saw that this thread goes on. And I should clarify some things because your answers have nothing to do with my question. Sorry. We try to use a Mac server to backup files on windows servers. The windows servers are virtual machines but this is not the point. And Retrospect Virtual is a completely different thing. And we don't use cat5 cables (which are pretty old). We use a very fast fibre channel san with 100 or more TB of data and a 10GBit fibre ethernet network. And we needed a fast backup system for 10 or more servers over network. But our test results with Retrospect are too slow, so I asked here whether we've missed something and get some comparative values. In the meantime we use another product for our backups, which is much faster. Thank you for your help. Kai
  3. dittberner@dbr3.de

    How fast are your network backups?

    Hi David, oh, its much easier to read your english answers than write my own. So don't worry please. Your idea to use smb shares to backup files from the virtual machines are ok but you miss two things. First we have data on the server to backup without possible shares like active directory data, system files and open files like databases. And second you have to use the Retrospect client to read file metadata like acls and file flags correctly. Kai
  4. dittberner@dbr3.de

    How fast are your network backups?

    Hello David, sorry for the late reply. We use the Retrospect Client on the backup client machine. The smb speed is only for a comparison. We have similar speeds with 1GBit ethernet like you. We need to get more speed and upgrade to 10GBit ethernet, not only for the backup of course. But it seems, that Retrospect can't benefit from the faster network as we like. Our latest test comes near to 6GB per Minute which are 100MB per second. And I think it should be more possible with all this hardware. Maybe there is a software limit in Retrospect. Kai
  5. Hello, we are testing the new Retrospect 14.5 on mac as new server backup solution. Our plan is to use Retrospect Multiserver on MacPro with 10.12.6 and 10GBit network connection to backup data from Hyper-V Windows 2012r2 virtual machines which are also connected via 10GBit ethernet. Data and backup sets are on FC Raids (8GBit). If we connect to vm from MacPro via Windows smb share, we get a speed up to 700MByte per second read and write. Our first tests with Retrospect results in network speeds of max 4GB/min (backup and copy) which seems to be much slower than 700MB/s. Do you reach faster network speeds? Did we something wrong? Have a nice day Kai
  6. dittberner@dbr3.de

    Very slow backup over internet

    No idea? Nobody?
  7. dittberner@dbr3.de

    Very slow backup over internet

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and may be someone can help? We use Retrospect 7.7.620 on Windows XP and a Dell LTO2 Autoloader as Backupserver. Local Network Clients use latest Retrospect Clients on Mac and Windows over ethernet or wifi. All of the local clients backup with more than 150MB/min. Now we use Retrospect to backup our Windows 2008 webserver over internet (latest Retrospect Client). And this backup runs only with 10MB/min. All the time, this was ok, but now the size of the backup was bigger and the backup takes too much time. We dont use VPN, the connection is direct. A year ago, we have a 16Mbit ADSL connection to the internet. (with ca. 12MBit down- and 4Mbit Upstream). Now we use a VDSL connection (28Mbit up, 7Mbit down). All the time, the backup speed was 10MB/min. We test another Windows Server (2003) by a different provider and again: 10MB/min. And that was only 1,7MBit/s. (the network display on both Retrospect server and client show the same: 0,15% network traffic on 1GB card). The download via http from the server is much faster (and reach the 28Mbit). Network encryption in Retrospect on or off has now effect. And we have no network or backup errors, it is only very very slow. Any ideas? Thanks Kai Dittberner Update: Some more infos: 1. Backup to local file backup use the same speed. So LTO2 is not the problem. 2. We installed Retrospect 9 Demo on a local Mac and try to backup the Windows Server over VDSL to a file backup. And it runs with 80 or 90 MB/min. Great! Any chance to see a Retrospect Update for Windows in the near future??