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    Error -1102

    Hi thanks for the response. No changes have been made to the volume. In fact all I've done on the Mac since the last backup is to copy some files onto the raid from work (about 20GB of PDFs) then tried running the backup
  2. Hi all I'm having the following issues when running Retro 11.5 Can't access volume MacPro RAID, error -1102 ( drive missing/unavailable) Now the thing is that the drive isn't missing and Finder can use it fine. Any way I'm on a MacPro 2008 and the MacPro RAID volume is on a Apple RAID card. It's running os 10.10 which is on an ssd connected to a PCIe 6g card the os has been a clean install from scratch and retro has 4 days ago run one full back up. Interestingly (or not) the backup script which I run backs up the home folder on the ssd fine and fail to do anything with the raid volume (with the message above) how ever the retro catalog is located on the RAID drive and obviously retro updates this fine after backing up the ssd. Also a disk utilities repair says the drive is fine and due to it being a raid verifing permissions is greyed out. Any ideas Cheers Steve
  3. I clicked on backup and I get the create backup screen. When it asked what I would like to back up (showing all drives attached but non selected) I clicked on browse. I then select the file I want to back up. (only one v. small file). I continue and then select the backup set (there's only one and it's brand new). The summary states manual file selection. I then click start now. It takes on average 10mins thinking about the copy then the tape kicks in for about 30 seconds recoding the file. And then it takes another 10mins give or take finishing up. Why does retrospect waste time (and catalogue space) scanning the entire disk when it know there's only one file and I've already told it were the file is? Don't recall version 6 being this slow on an old G4
  4. Almost sure. I did start with a very early disk so maybe that was originally recorded with v5. I assume then if I upgraded from 5 to 6 half way through a backup set then I'd be able to read the later tapes? Other wise I assume that the only way to get my data back is to rebuild on v6 on an old mac restore all the data to a HD and then re back up to tape.. Which will take months!
  5. Hi all To test Version 9 on lion with my old VXA1 FW drive I decided to insert a new tape an back up a 336 byte RTF document. This took 19 mins and and created a 311.9Mb retrospect file. Am I missing something? + Normal backup using Backup Assistant - 24/06/2012 15:00 at 24/06/2012 (Activity Thread 1) To Backup Set TestBackup... - 24/06/2012 15:02:13: Copying MacPro RAID 24/06/2012 15:18:00: Snapshot stored, 311.9 MB 24/06/2012 15:19:47: Comparing MacPro RAID 24/06/2012 15:21:13: Execution completed successfully Completed: 1 files, 1 KB Performance: 0.1 MB/minute (0.1 copy, 0.1 compare) Duration: 00:19:00 (00:11:11 idle/loading/preparing)
  6. Hi all I wonder if you can help. I have just dug out my old VXA 1 Firewire tape drive. I have a number of tapes created on a mac which was running OS X 10.? with retrospect 6. Now when I tried to rebuild the tape catalogues for Retrospect 9 (as instructed by the manual) I receive a wrong version message. Looking at the manual it indicated that this could be a firmware issue. Or that I was trying to read Windows tapes (which I wan't). So I got what Tandemburg indicated was the latest drive v11101 and upgraded. (Although not sure if this hasn't downgraded as the original was 2D9D - any how have taken that up with tandenburg). So now the unit is using firmware 1101 and still the same issue. So how am I suppose to recatalogue my old tapes? Incidently the unit would read the tapes in Retro 6 on an only mac (though I haven't tried this again since the firmware change) Any help would be most appreciated. Cheers