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  1. All; Just performed an update from 11 to 11.5 on my Retrospect server. Upon reboot and loading of the .app, it says the server is locked and to update a password. I've checked keychain access for the password and it's identical to my administrator password, but it won't take the password listed. Ideas?
  2. The solution was to remove the /Library/Preferences/retroclient.state file. RESOLVED.
  3. Hello; I'm doing an evaluation of the latest version of Retrospect in the hopes that I can safely deploy (and upgrade our existing Retrospect installations) it into my organization. I have installed and configured a test server, however even if I copy the pubkey.dat file into the public_key alias in the Mac client install folder, after the install completes, the system preferences panel indicates that the Retrospect client is off, and the server (using "Test Address" functionality) indicates that the client is not running on that address. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I'm still continuing to have this problem. Does anyone have any other ideas I can try?
  5. CallMeDave: Version 9, and the process is running, yes. Daniels: I've tried this several times, even to the point of removing the corresponding files in Library and so on.
  6. The client preference pane says "off" and the client install does not ask for a password. I've tried rebooting, and attempted to turn on the client manually, however whenever you save the preferences it reverts to "off." Thanks!