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  1. First, my troubleshooting technique was to use Retrospect to browse the volume that was causing this problem to confirm that I could reproduce the error. I then created a subvolume for every folder in that volume and used browse on each to find which of those was causing the problem. Repeat until you find the culprit. I did not track this down to an individual file. I did, however, track it as far as this path: /Users/<username>/Library/Caches/Metadata/Microsoft/Entourage/2008/<username>/Attachments This user has a VERY large Entourage database, and recently we rebuilt the search options for Entourage. Clicking the "Include attachments…" caused Entourage to make a copy of every attachment in the path above. That "Attachments" folder had 45,000+ folders in it. And, unfortunately for everyone, I wasn't planning to create and test 45,000+ subvolumes. I've turned off "Include attachments…", and now that folder is gone. And now, Retrospect can scan this volume for backups again.
  2. I'm running into this same problem. This seemed like a promising troubleshooting step, so i tried it. Turns out, there's no new information in the Retrospect log -- just the same "Error!!! Scanning incomplete, error -116 (unknown)" error.
  3. @Marcus Did you ever upgrade to Retrospect 8, and did it resolve the memory issues you reported?
  4. @MPI Did you ever upgrade to Retrospect 8? And did it help?