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    Error 645

    I don't know what was going on in the corrupted server dat file, but it was over 2 GB in size and the others were all less than 100 MB (11 to 89). The rebuilt file for the problem server is 38 MB... interesting. Randell
  2. randellx

    Error 645

    Complete error: "scanning incomplete, error -645 (chunk file damaged during save)" Retrospect multi server 7.7.620 - backs up 4 vmservers using 2 backup sets, 2 separate catalogs, to 2 different external usb drives (one backup set on alternating nights). Was working fine and I paused a backup execution on 1st server c drive while scanning at start. While doing something on the computer the program is on, I had to reboot and did so before I thought about the paused backup set. After reboot I started the backup again and everything seemed to be ok, but I got the above error after completion. Everything else backs up fine except the c drive backup on the 1st server which shows as "incomplete on overall backup with error above. Does the same on both backup sets. All hard drives are ok and everything checks out after multiple reboots, Retrospect restarts, etc. I've run 3 complete backups with everything normaI except the "incomplete" with the above error, I think I must have goobered something in the program when I rebooted during the scanning pause. I would really appreciate any help anyone might give on the problem, I can't find much of anything on that particular error... but it's definitely persistent. Thank you for any direction on it... Randell
  3. Congratulations to lewis for coming up with a great solution to that specific error! It worked out perfectly and saved me a lot of time. I deleted the dat file of the particular server with the error from the RtrSec folder and it corrected the problem. The first backup took a lot longer because of the rebuild, but no errors. My thread here http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/147876-error-645/ Thanks!
  4. randellx

    Error 645

    Worked perfectly! It took over twice as long for the backup on that server the first time, had to rebuild the dat file and ran a compare cycle on all the files, but back up on all 4 servers finally completed (total 6 hr 45 min rather than about 3 hrs) without any errors. Lewis came up with a great solution to a difficult problem, saved a lot of time. Randell
  5. randellx

    Error 645

    http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/20551-chronic-645-chunk-file-damaged-during-save-retro-75-with-fix/ Running backup now after deleting "my server.dat" as discussed in that thread. So far it seems to be going well, but taking a lot longer with the re-building and comparing (it's a terminal server and the dat file I moved is over 2GB). The other 3 servers will still have to back up after the 1st one finishes (hopefully), so it will be tomorrow (later today) before I know how it went. So far so good... Randell
  6. randellx

    Error 645

    Can't believe it! First time on forum, couldn't find a search function, saw total 173 pages and figured my only hope was to post the problem. THEN (of course), I was sort of looking around and ran across the thread on the 2nd page from "lewis" on the same problem. Sure looks like that may be the answer, if so I will be eternally grateful to lewis and the others who posted on the thread. I won't know until maybe tomorrow, but I will definitely post back as to the results. If that works it's a great solution to an otherwise time consuming problem. Thanks!... Randell