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  1. The Quantum tape drive uses a SAS connection with an LSILogic SAS3442E. The drive is a Quantum LTO-4 HH (original version). The problem is that the tapes show up sometimes and don't at other times. The card and drive show up in System Report though. Thanks for the response, BTW. Sorry that I missed it.
  2. Excellent. Thanks for your help. Now if I could just get this Quantum LTO-4 drive to not crash my Mac. Looks like I'll be looking for another drive.
  3. Thank you so much for the helpful reply. I have only recently happened on to Retrospect and I am afraid my ignorance is likely the majority of the problem. So please excuse the silly questions as I get a feel for what I think is going to be a good solution for us. That said, I guess it may come down to a lack of understanding of how a media set works. Let's say that I have 20 tapes that have been used in the media set. I find that marketingthing.psd is stored within that media set and I need to retrieve that file so that a designer can update it. How do I know which physical tape to put in to the drive? On a related note, do I have restore the entire directory? It isn't possible to just retrieve the individual file? Thank you for your patience!
  4. I wonder if someone could help me with this. I imagine there is probably a solution out there that I haven't found, but I am planning on using Retrospect to archive old creative media projects to LTO-4 tapes. So one tape might have Customer 1's advertising on it, and another tape could have Customer 2's advertising on it, while another has Customer 1's advertising from 5 years ago. At some point this is going to generate a considerable amount of tapes. Instead of placing each tape in, one at a time to figure out what is on which tape (and without having to restore the contents every single time) is there some sort of searchable database that cooperates with Retrospect? For example: We need to pull up a client's print marketing materials from several years ago. Search for that client and the job and find out that the data is stored on tape 1313. Thank you in advance for help with this.