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    Cant restore with .RDB files!

    Mayoff, I will try to deleate a file or two and see what happens. Can you help me geta a working validation code for my 7.6 Retrospect that I got with my eGo HDD? I have the code that I got with the HD and I get a message that it is the wrong code.
  2. velox

    Cant restore with .RDB files!

    I have tried to open the files after copying them to my computer and also directly from the Iomega drive to no avail. It is not a comtamination problem, it is a retrospect problem. The retrospect is only looking for .rbc and .rbf files.
  3. velox

    Cant restore with .RDB files!

    I am having the exact same problem with additional stuff. I downloaded files from a computer several years ago to an Iomega portable drive. I have 7.6 software, but the code I got with it will not work. I tried to contact Retrospect all day with absolutely no results. I finally downloaded a 30 day trial of 7.7 just to get the files I need. I try and use the Retrospect 7.7 and also get to a point where it is looking for rdc. or .rbf files but not .rbd files. I am tearing my hair out. I am not a computer geek, but usually can get what I want. PS I would like to get a workable code to open the software I got with my Iomega HD and also find out how to open the .rdb files. Please, please, please help me.