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  1. Thanks. I was thinking getting a new Mac was the best solution. Do you know which Mac I should get, or which is the last model on which SCSI ports were included? -- Brian
  2. I have a lot of DDS-3 4mm tapes - the 12Gb / 24Gb variety. I believe they were created with Retrospect 5 or 6 on OS X 10.2.8. My problem is that I no longer have that Mac and have to get data off of them. When we sold our office, we got rid of that Mac, which I think was an old G3. I have the latest versions of Retrospect for both Mac and Windows. What's the best way for me to read these tapes? I have the SCSI tape drive but have no way to connect it yet. Can I read these tapes in Windows, or should I stick with Mac? How do I connect my SCSI tape drive to my Mac? Is there a USB to SCSI or FIreWire to SCSI interface someone can recommend? Should I instead get a new tape drive? As you can tell, I'm kind of stuck. Any suggestions will help. Thanks, Brian
  3. I'm backing up a Linux server from Retrospect for Windows. Is there a special Linux script I can use that will automatically shut down mysql before the backup starts and start it again after the backup ends? What's the strategy for backing up Linux databases in general? Thanks in advance, Brian